Beam and Post Problems in Atlanta

Leaning Beams and Posts in Atlanta, GA by Atlas PiersThere are many issues that can occur due to a foundation problem. Many of these issues occur in the crawlspace of a home. It is especially worrying when the support system in the crawlspace, the beams and posts start to lean, sag, or bend. If these beams and posts start to sag or bend, it is most likely a problem with the underlying foundation. Leaning or bent crawlspace beams and posts can cause the floor above to sag and become unstable. If you notice problems with the beams and posts in your crawlspace, contact a professional for repair services as soon as possible. Atlas Piers can provide you with effective solutions to repair and support the beams and posts in your crawlspace.

When the foundation beneath your home begins to shift, the bottom of the foundation will pull away from the walls and the structure above. This causes the beams and posts that rest on the floor to pull away from the floor that they support. As a result, the beams and posts will begin to lean or curve. Settling foundations can also cause problems for the beams and posts in your structure, as the settlement causes the beams and posts to settle, leading to a sagging floor in your home or business. There are several things that can cause the foundation to settle or shift. Most often, foundation movement is the result of excess moisture or soil shifting. Hydrostatic pressure due to excess groundwater, soil settlement due to poor compaction or overloading, and void formation from erosion or soil shrinkage are the usual culprits of foundation sinking, settlement, or shifting.

The sings of beam and posts problems in your crawlspace include:

Solutions for Beam and Post Problems in Atlanta, GA

One of the best solutions for a settling or sinking foundation is with underpinning services using steel push piers or helical piers. These piers are installed under the foundation, in the load bearing soils. Once installed, the piers lift the foundation and stabilize the structure. These different types of piers provide the same type of lift and support, but are installed a bit differently. Steel push piers are driven into the ground, while helical piers are screwed into the ground. This helps bring the foundation back to the original position while at also closing any cracks that may have formed due to the settlement. Restoring the foundation will give the beams and posts in your crawlspace the support they need to stabilize the entire structure.

Pressure Grouting for Leaning and Bent Beams and Posts in Atlanta, GA by Atlas Piers

Another solution for shifting or settling foundations is to use pressure grouting. In this process, a high pressure grout is injected beneath the foundation to fill voids and lift the slab. First, small holes are drilled in a strategic pattern to provide maximum lift and structural integrity. For the next step in the pressure grouting process, the grout is injected to completely fill voids under the foundation and compress the soil around the foundation, creating a more solid base for the entire foundation.

If you see leaning or bent beams and posts in your home, contact the foundation repair professionals at Atlas Piers of Atlanta, GA today!