Brick & Masonry Problems

Brick and Masonry Problems in Atlanta, GAFoundation problems such as settlement and sinking can cause several different structural problems in various areas of the home. Among these many structural issues caused by foundation problems are brick and masonry issues such as crack formation and compaction. It is always concerning to find cracks in your home, especially in weight bearing or highly visible areas. Fortunately, Atlas Piers of Atlanta, GA can provide you with quality solutions to fix the brick and masonry problems in your home.

There are a few different problems that can occur with the bricks and masonry in your home. Some of the most common brick and masonry problems are:


  • Step Cracks: These stairstep-shaped cracks in the brick or masonry on your home form when the foundation of your home starts to settle or sink. Because the brick or masonry walls no longer have the proper support, they will being to settle and crack along with the foundation.
  • Vertical Corner Cracks: Vertical cracks near or on the corner of brick or masonry walls can occur due to soil shrinkage under the home. When the soil shrinks due to lack of moisture, it falls away and forms voids that lead to foundation settlement and shifting.
  • Horizontal Cracks: Horizontal cracks in the brick and masonry walls of your home are caused by settlement or heaving of the foundation. Heaving and settling foundations are caused by variations in the moisture content of the soil.
  • Compaction: If the foundation of your home starts to settle or sink, it may cause the bricks to compact down on each other.
  • Bulging Brick or Masonry Walls: Bulging brick or masonry walls are normally caused by the corrosion of the shelf angle, by excessive rainwater running down the sides of the wall, or by excess water in the ground around the wall.

Brick and Masonry Problem Solutions in Atlanta, GA

Helical Piers for Brick and Masonry Repair in Atlanta, GA by Atlas Piers

If your settling or sinking foundation is causing brick and masonry problems, the best solution is to use underpinning solutions from Atlas Piers to support and stabilize the foundation. Steel push piers and helical piers are both excellent underpinning options, as they install in the load bearing soils deep underground to provide adequate support for the weight of the entire structure. Both piers work the same way, but helical piers are screwed into the ground, while steel piers are driven into the ground. Once the piers are installed, the weight of the structure is transferred from the unstable foundation to the piers, which are used to lift and support the foundation.

Another option for sinking foundations is pressure grouting. This technique is especially useful for foundations that are sinking due to the formation of voids underneath the concrete. The pressure grouting method involves injecting a cement based grout under the concrete to fill these voids, lifting and stabilizing the foundation. The grout both fills voids to restore support and compacts the soil under the foundation to create a more stable base for the entire foundation.

For these and more solutions for the brick and masonry problems in your Atlanta home, contact Atlas Piers today.