Ceiling Cracks in Atlanta

Ceiling cracks can be a serious problem for many homeowners in the Atlanta, GA area. If you see cracks in your ceiling, it is most likely the sign that there is a problem with your foundation. The best way to fix ceiling cracks is to go directly to the source; the failing foundation. Providing the foundation with the support and stability that it needs can help close cracks that may have formed in the ceiling. Here at Atlas Piers, we provide several different foundation repair solutions to repair the cracks in your ceiling.

Causes of Ceiling Cracks in Atlanta, GA

The first step in fixing ceiling cracks is to identify what caused them. Many times, foundation problems that result in ceiling cracks are caused by soil movement beneath the foundation, or excess surface water or groundwater. Often, the movement of soil beneath the home is the result of poor soil compaction at the time of construction. If the soil was not properly packed down, it may lead to settlement or sinking. Increased hydrostatic pressure from a high saturation of groundwater can also cause foundation shifting or cracking, as the hydrostatic pressure pushes on the foundation and causes it to move or crack. Other common causes of foundation problems include void formation from erosion or soil shrinkage (which occurs during dry, drought-like periods), surface water seeping into the foundation and weakening the concrete, or overloading. To find the best solution for your ceiling cracks, first figure out what type of crack you are dealing with and what caused it.


  • Spiderweb Cracks: Cracks that form in a spiderweb shaped pattern may indicate age or normal home settlement, and can also form in the walls or floor. Cracks larger than 1/16 inch may indicate a foundation issue.
  • Vertical Cracks: Sometimes, long, vertical cracks will form in the ceiling and run down the length of the adjacent wall. These cracks are serious, as they may be the sign of a severely settling foundation, or a weak wall stud.
  • Sagging Ceiling: If the cracks in your ceiling are accompanied by a sagging or bowed ceiling, your home is most likely suffering from a shifting or settling foundation. This issue should be taken care of immediately, to restore stability to the structure.

All types of ceiling cracks can lead to further issues throughout the home, although some are worse than others. Any crack that is larger than 1/16 inch is most likely caused by a foundation problem. Ceiling cracks toward the edges of the ceiling or around windows or doors are also indicators that you have a foundation problem

Solutions for Ceiling Crack in Atlanta, GA

Fortunately, Atlas Piers offers a range of foundation repair solutions to take care of all of the ceiling cracks in your home or business. One of these such solutions it to use underpinning to lift and support the foundation. In the underpinning process, foundation piers such as steel push piers, or helical piers are installed beneath the foundation. These piers are driven into the stable soils deep underground to provide the above foundation with support and stabilization. Next, the weight of the structure is transferred onto the piers and they are used to lift the foundation to the proper level. Although both piers work the same way, helical piers are screwed into the ground instead of driven in. This gives the foundation a bit of extra support and stabilization.

Pressure Grouting for Ceiling Crack Repair in Atlanta, GA by Atlas PiersPressure grouting can be used to lift and stabilize a sinking or settling foundation that has caused cracks to form in your ceiling. This method involves injecting a polyurethane grout under the foundation to lift the concrete slab. This grout is injected through small holes and works to both fill voids under the foundation and compact the soil around those voids. By compacting the soil around the voids, the pressure grouting process makes the entire area under the foundation more stable and better able to support the foundation. This helps bring the foundation to the original position, closing ceiling cracks and preventing future problems.

Atlas Piers offers these and more solutions for your ceiling cracks. Contact us today for more information on our professional commercial and residential foundation repair services in Atlanta, GA.