New Construction Helical Piers in Atlanta

Helical piers for your new construction foundation needsAtlas Piers of Atlanta can meet your needs for new construction projects. We are one of the only companies in the Southeast that provide a pre-engineered underpinning system that have been evaluated and listed by all national building code agencies. We can solve problems of building on high water tables, fill soils, and expansive and unsuitable soils. You will not have to worry that our professionals are forgetting to do something. They are specialized in these certain areas so you can be reassured that your home is in good hands. Atlas Piers of Atlanta is a trusted company and you will be satisfied with the work they do on your home. Their number one priority is the customer’s satisfaction.

Residential New Construction Helical Piers

We will work alongside your architect or engineer to maximize pier spacing and performance. On typical reinforced footings or stem walls, new construction piers are placed every 8 to 10 feet on center. Spacing can vary depending on load requirements, footing reinforcement details and existing soil bearing capacity. We will make sure to work with you throughout the process, so you know what is going on with your new home construction helical piers Atlanta.Helical piers for your new construction in Atlanta

A crew with a skid loader or Mini-Excavator can place up to 50 anchors in less than one day. These piers are ready to be loaded immediately which can increase project time lines. Piers for these applications are generally rated for working loads of 10 to 20 tons. At Atlas Piers of Atlanta we really specialize on our piers. The piers are there to support your home from underneath to keep it sturdy and safe. Most people go to helical piers to correct foundation problems they may already have, but if you have new construction, helical piers in your new Atlanta residential construction can prevent the future foundation issues that may come about. With this way you will be ahead of the game.

Call our office today or contact us through our information sheet to find out more. We can also provide you with other foundation repair services as well.

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