Water Seepage

Basement Water Seepage Repair in Atlanta, GA by Atlas PiersOne of the most common problems to occur in the basement of a home is water seepage. When water leaks into the basement from the surface of the ground near the foundation, or from the ground around the basement, it can become a major issue. This water seepage, the result of a foundation problem or of poor waterproofing, can lead to several other issues throughout the home. If you see water seepage happening in your basement or crawlspace, contact the repair experts at Atlas Piers of Atlanta, GA today to find a solution.

If your foundation starts to develop cracks from shifting or settling, it may be more prone to water seepage. These foundation cracks can be the result of many different factors:


  • Hydrostatic Pressure: Excess moisture in the soil can lead to an increase in hydrostatic pressure, which pushes against the foundation, causing shifting and crack formation.
  • Erosion: Erosion occurs when water washes away soil under the foundation, forming voids and spaces that lead to settlement and foundation cracks.
  • Soil Shrinkage: Soil shrinkage from extremely dry conditions can also lead to voids formation, as the soil falls away. This causes settlement and foundation cracking.

These are just a few of the causes of foundation cracks that can lead to water seepage. Water seepage can also occur when poor drainage allows water to pool in the yard and around the foundation. This pooling water may seep through the porous concrete foundation. If this happens, not only will it cause water issues such as mold and mildew growth and a wet or damp basement or crawlspace, but it will also weaken the foundation, opening the door to future foundation problems. If you see signs that your home is experiencing water seepage in the basement or crawlspace, contact the professionals at Atlas Piers today.

Water Seepage Solutions in Atlanta, GA

Foundation Repair for Water Seepage in Atlanta, GA Because many water seepage problems are caused by foundation cracks, it is important to seal these cracks and make sure the foundation is properly supported. One method to close foundation cracks is by underpinning with foundation piers such as helical piers or steel push piers. These piers are driven or screwed into the ground under the foundation to stabilize and lift the settling foundation. Pressure grouting techniques can also be used to lift foundations; in this method, a cement based grout is injected beneath the foundation to fill voids and raise the slab. For cracks in the wall of the foundation, helical tiebacks can be installed to pull the wall back into position. Carbon fiber strips can also be utilized to close and seal wall cracks in the basement and keep the foundation adequately supported.

To seal water out of your basement and crawlspace, wall encapsulation can be used. This is a process by which a vapor barrier, a water resistant barrier made of plastic or foil sheeting is installed all along the walls to seal out moisture and prevent water seepage.

Whichever solution is right for you, Atlas Piers has the professional experience necessary to keep your Atlanta home safe and dry. Contact us today for more information.