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    Reliable Foundation Contractors in Atlanta, Georgia

    If you’re searching for foundation contractors in Atlanta, GA, you have certainly come to the right place. Atlas Piers is one of the few foundation companies resolving foundation-related issues for Atlanta residents. As reputable foundation contractors, we repair structural issues as well as waterproof foundations. Furthermore, we also service commercial and residential buildings throughout the entire Atlanta region. Feel free to contact us. Our staff is always ready to help you meet your needs.

    Atlanta’s Number 1 Choice for Professional Foundation Repairs

    Here at Atlas Piers, we take our job as foundation contractors rather seriously. We understand that the foundation is a significant component of the building, which supports and levels the whole structure, from floors, doors, walls, to the roof. With that said, we have equipped our team with numerous means of addressing and resolving issues, which include:

    • Wall support: Our team offers wall support through tiebacks, soldier beams, and carbon fiber reinforcements
    • Pressure Grouting: During foundation leveling, we use permeation, compaction, chemical grouting, and void fill as well as slab lifting to help harden the soil underneath the home or any other building.
    • Piers: In most cases, we use hydraulically driven or helical piers to not only level the building, but also to provide a reliable groundwork to lay the foundation on. This piers ensures that the building doesn’t fall or become cracked due to the underneath weak soil.

    Get trustworthy foundation contractors  

    If you’re in Atlanta, GA and are ready to work with a foundation contractor, call us at (770) 740-0700. We offer free estimates. What’s more, we don’t cut corners with your issues.

    Why Choose Atlas for your Commercial Project?

    • All of our foremen are seasoned veterans in the industry who have worked their way into the position

    • All of our installing technicians carry current certifications from the manufacturers specific to every product that they install

    • All technicians are full time employees of Atlas Piers

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