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    Long-Lasting Residential Foundation Repair in Macon, Georgia

    May we tell you? Foundation problems threaten your home investment big time. Usually, postponed repairs mean expensive renovations. Even worse, ignored foundation issues lead to structural damage that reduces your property’s value. That said, when you notice uneven floors, crumbling outer foundation walls, or unexplained pooling in your basement, don’t ignore these signs. Instead, schedule a free inspection from Atlas Piers.

    Atlas Piers is a full-service foundation company that has been offering expert foundation repair to homeowners in Macon, GA and its surrounding areas for the last 3 decades. That’s right, since 1987, we have been proudly installing and repairing foundations for our clients in the Macon area.

    Macon’s First Choice for Professional Foundation Contractors

    Our team of professional foundation contractors has been handling all types of repairs from concrete structures and foundations to concrete driveways. We also offer other services like:

    • Home foundation inspection
    • Soil shoring
    • Commercial foundation repair
    • Commercial foundation construction
    • Underpinning foundations


    Simply call us and we’ll get back to you. We have an assortment of high-quality products from Earth Contact Products and AB chance/Atlas Piers that we use to make your foundation repair durable. On top of that, we have a team of well-trained staff, that assess your foundation problems fast and develops a plan that fits your budget and home needs.

    To set up a residential foundation repair, simply contact us on (770) 740-0700. Our staff will be more than happy to assess your problem and help you figure out a suitable solution. We look forward to your call.

    Why Choose Atlas for your Commercial Project?

    • All of our foremen are seasoned veterans in the industry who have worked their way into the position

    • All of our installing technicians carry current certifications from the manufacturers specific to every product that they install

    • All technicians are full time employees of Atlas Piers

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