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At Atlas Piers, we believe that a solid commercial business begins with a solid foundation. Get your business off to a solid start with the Atlas team! Our foundation pier installation services ensure that your structure won’t suffer from settlement issues in the future. We can also take care of your concrete work. If there is a need for repair or maintenance services in the future, we can help with that too!

We pride ourselves on our ability to manage every commercial project personally, while completing them efficiently. We understand that “time is money”; therefore, we guarantee that our team will get the job done quickly and correctly to save you time and money. Each new construction project is a massive investment that requires a custom solution. The Atlas team recognizes this. We want to help you protect and maximize your investment by building your commercial structure to specifically meet your unique requirements.

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Being that commercial construction projects are such major investments, it’s extremely important to hire a company that you trust. Atlas Piers has been in business for over 25 years. We have made foundation piering our sole focus, and as a result we have mastered our process and continue to make new advancements every day.

Helical piers provide the perfect support for your new commercial construction projects. They are screwed deep into the ground into stable soil. This keeps your construction sturdy and will prevent foundation problems in the future. Many times, these helical piers are the best solution for commercial construction, because they are easy to install, immediately transfer the load, are easily tested to verify load capacity, and install below active soils. They can also be installed in all weather conditions, and create little disturbance to the job site. For new commercial construction purposes, helical piers are often recommended because they work well with most soil types and have vibration free installation.

We only provide commercial construction products that offer the highest level of support for your foundation. Since being founded in 1987, we have grown to be the leader in foundation repair in Atlanta, Georgia. Our pier/underpinning systems provide the stabilization needed to counteract common problems such as expansive soils, high water tables, and erosion. Having your commercial construction done right the first time will prevent costly foundation problems later.

Contact the Atlas team today to set up an appointment, talk about design, or get a free estimate. Our staff is friendly, helpful, and will be happy to assist you with any problems or questions that you may have. We can help if you need commercial construction in Atlanta, Georgia, or commercial contractors in the Atlanta area. We also provide other various foundation repair services and solutions to keep your business in top condition. Contact us today for more information!

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