Why Are Foundation Repairs Cost Less than Foundation Failure For Homeowners In Atlanta, Georgia?

When making any changes or repairs to your home, the majority of homeowners consider cost above anything else. Researching costs of repairs from different contractors is a good way for home and business owners to make sure they’re getting quality repairs at competitive pricing. However, cost should not be the only thing you consider. When it comes to foundation repair, the quality of repairs should be a higher priority than cost, especially when the repairs made to your home can save you so much money in the future.

Foundation repair costs can be daunting at times. But have you ever truly considered how much foundation failure costs? Homeowners are often amazed that a few cracks in the floor could mean such expensive repairs, but the seemingly “small” signs of foundation failure can mean big problems for your home.

cracked floors in atlanta

These problems may include:

Some of these problems may seem like no big deal, but extensive repairs may be needed to correct the root problem, your sinking foundation. Letting the problems sit and get worse could be tragic for your foundation. A leaning wall can easily collapse, costing you thousands in repairs. Cracks in your walls and floors can allow water into your home, causing property damage and creating the perfect environment for mold growth, which can harm your family’s health.

Other problems can easily arise because of foundation failure. A failing foundation will affect your entire home, meaning problems like a leaning chimney or garage column cracks are likely. As the foundation sinks further over time, your chimney can lean more and more, creating a safety hazard and possibly collapsing on a home, whether it is your home or your neighbor’s.

new construction underpinning in atlantaDon’t allow your foundation failure to become an emergency because you’re afraid of cost. Foundation repair cost is far lower than the cost of foundation failure, especially if there is an accident involved. You wouldn’t hesitate replacing a dangerous vehicle, so don’t hesitate with your home’s foundation. The foundation can change the entire home for better or worse, which means that a strong, stable foundation is key to a strong, stable home. Foundation repair is a valuable investment that can protect your home, your family, and your wallet. Not only does helical or resistance piers installation keep your family safe, but it also increases the resale value of your home.

Breaking Down Foundation Repair Costs for Atlanta, GA

Foundation repair costs in and around Atlanta are determined by a number of different factors. There is no set, uniform price for every repair, because every home experiences different problems and there are multiple solutions available. Because of this, we cannot concretely say, “Your repair will cost ___.” However, considering some of the factors that may impact pricing can give you a pretty good idea of how much the repairs might be.

Some of these factors include:

  • House size. The White House will obviously cost more to pier than a two bedroom house.
  • Extent of the problem. If you’re lucky, you may have caught your foundation settlement early, and this means that minor repairs could be the best option. An Atlas professional will examine your entire home in order to plan the best repairs for your home.
  • helical tiebacks atlanta Type of repairs. Some repairs take more manpower, such as piering, and these solutions are typically more expensive. Carbon fiber strips will cost less than helical piers, though one might be more valuable than the other in certain repairs. Helical piers typically require some sort of excavation, which can alter prices, whereas more simple repairs cause less disturbance. We promise to never propose a more expensive repair when a cheaper one will be just as efficient.
  • New construction. Atlas Piers of Atlanta is proud to offer new construction piering to prevent your home from ever experiencing foundation problems. Don’t wait until you experience problems. Consider new construction underpinning. New construction prices typically vary from other piering.

Keep in mind that, though some types of repairs such as helical pier installation may be more expensive than others, it is unwise to choose a different repair solely to save money when another product may be best for you and your home. This can be unsafe. However, Atlas promises to always find the most cost effective, efficient foundation repair solution for you and your home. Foundation repair cost can run anywhere from $1,000 to $9,000, with the majority of repairs in Atlas’ service area falling in the range of $3,500 to $5,000.

To get the best cost possible, the first step is contacting us! The members of the Atlas Piers of Atlanta team want to find a solution that will support your home’s foundation and prevent future problems without breaking your bank, and we will be happy to provide free estimates for any and all repairs. Contact Atlas today.