Problem: Cracked Walls

Wall cracks, to begin with, are usually unnoticeable. You assume it is normal and just a part of owning a home. However, wall cracks are a serious problem that should be taken care of. Wall cracks, both vertical and horizontal, deep and shallow, can cause harm to your home and its structural integrity.

Walls in need of crack repair can pose a threat to the well being of your home. First and foremost, cracked walls allow in water and moisture. This could lead to rotting wood, foundation damage, and mold. Mold flourishes in dark damp areas. It is especially dangerous because it releases spores as it grows. These spores can be harmful to your lungs if they are inhaled. Atlas Piers of Atlanta can fix your wall cracks in your Atlanta home that is in need of repair and prevent further foundation problems and waterproofing issues from arising.

If you have cracked walls, don’t forget to check for these other signs of foundation Cracked wall repair for your Atlanta home or business problems. Look for:

If you have one or more of these signs of foundation failure, you’ll want to get a professional contractor in to check it out. Foundation failure can be disastrous, not only to your home, but to your safety as well. The longer these problems are left alone, the more money it will cost for repair in the future. That’s not good, and we get that. That is why we’re here to help.

Solution: Helical Piers

helical piers for cracked walls in atlanta

Atlas Piers of Atlanta, has several solutions for cracked wall repair, from helical piersresistance piers, and helical tiebacks to slab piers, porch piers, and many more! Helical piers are commonly installed underneath your home to take the weight of your walls off your foundation, and to stabilize your foundation. After being attached to an already existing wall, these piers transfer the load and stabilize your foundation immediately, and the results are long lasting. We only install the “very best” helical piers from Earth Contact Products, so our solutions are durable and affordable. Atlas Piers is able to quickly install helical piers beneath your home to return your foundation to its normal state. Helical piers are being used far more than push piers because they are screwed into the ground, rather than simply pushed in, and that offers more stability for the home.

Solution: Carbon Fiber Repair

Carbon Fiber Repair for Cracked Walls in Atlanta, Georgia Another solution for cracked walls in your Atlanta home is carbon fiber repair methods. The first step in this repair procedure is to apply a high-strength epoxy to the cracked wall. Next, the carbon fiber is embedded to the epoxy, with a supportive steel angle bracket bolted on top to strengthen and secure the wall. Once installed, the carbon fiber hardly shows, and can be easily covered or painted over. This simple process can help seal the cracks in your wall to prevent water seepage and other problems. There are many benefits to choosing carbon fiber repair methods for your cracked basement walls: carbon fiber is a very eco-friendly solution; it is an extremely durable, non-flexible material that will not bend or stretch; it is long lasting and effective; it requires no attention or maintenance once installed; it is low in cost compared to other repair methods; and it is a simple, quick repair process. If you are in need of a repair option for your cracked walls, consider carbon fiber repair options from Atlas Piers today.

For all of your cracked walls Atlanta needs, come to us! We’ll make sure your problems are fixed!