When it comes to protecting one of your largest investments, no one in Atlanta has more experience installing steel engineered foundation support products than Atlas

Because we have the strongest piers in the industry, we can lift heavy structures that our competitors can only hope to stabilize

To serve our clients with their best interests at heart, even if it means diagnosing the problem and eliminating our services. We do this because it is our ultimate desire to glorify God in all that we do, be it personal or professional

The Atlas Piers team has more than 100 years of combined experience exclusively with foundation support products

We install over 2,500 piers per year, totaling over 80,000 successful installations to date

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    Residential & Home Foundation Repair

    Since 1987 Altas has been the experts in home foundation repair. We have lifted and supported more homes than most of our competitors combined. It’s not a sideline to us or something that we do when its not raining. Rather it is our core business and our specialty. What really separates us from our competition are the astounding results that we are able to accomplish. You see,when you start with the strongest piers in the industry, you can lift more weight . It’s really that simple.Repairing your home’s foundation is not a sideline job for us.

    Signs Your Home Might Need Foundation Repair

    There are several things that indicate possible foundation problems, and they include the following: doors and windows that don’t open properly, a leaning chimney, cracked tiles, gaps around doors, sloping floors, bowed basement walls, and large cracks in the outside concrete finish. Additional signs of trouble include cracks and gaps in the drywall or between the wall and the ceiling. On top of that, water in the basement, crawl spaces, or around the perimeter of the home all can be other indications of foundation problems.


    Do Those Cracks Mean You Need a Foundation Repair?

    In addition to the issues listed above, home foundation repair might be needed if you find cracks at outside cement steps, in brickwork of chimneys, or on outside walls. But when it comes to foundation cracks, not all cracks are equal. Some cracks are evidence of normal settling, while others are clearly a foundation problem. To tell the difference, consider their size. Thin cracks, less than a quarter inch, occur on foundations and walls as a house settles. Wide cracks could indicate a much more serious problem. You should also take into account the orientation and location of the cracks, but a foundation repair specialist can help you do that.


    Reasons a Home Might Need Foundation Repair

    All homes settle, but a bad foundation will settle unevenly and cause many problems both inside and outside your home. Repairing the foundation mitigates these problems and stops the movement that is leading to these issues in the first place. On the other hand, failing to fix the foundation simply allows the home to continue to decline, leading to more issues.


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    50 Year Transferable Warranty

    Most Common Problems

    Here is a glance at some of the most common foundation problems we fix.

      Bay windows

     Bowed basement walls

     Cracked and settling slabs

     Displaced foundations

     Garage column cracks

     Leaning chimneys

    helical tieback installation in atlanta Retaining walls

     Room additions

     Stoops and deck support columns


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