Problem:  Stoops and Deck Support Columns

When it comes to your front porch or patio, foundation issues should not be ignored. The foundation of your porch is just as important as the foundation for the rest of your home. It needs to bear not only the weight of the porch, but also the roof, railings, and columns. Therefore, porches and patios are susceptible to sinking and settlement just as a home’s foundation is.

Some of the most common causes of porch and patio settlement are:

  • Poor soil compaction at time of build
  • Unstable water conditions
  • Undersized foundations

If your porch is pulling away from your home and tilting, this is a sign of a foundation issues. Large cracks in your patio could also be indicative of foundation failure. Don’t ignore your porch foundation problem, as it could become a hazard. Let one of our expert team members come out to inspect your porch/patio and provide a free estimate for repair.

Solution: Helical Underpinning

Underpinning can help to stabilize and level your stoop and/or deck. Helical piers can be installed to prevent further sinking into unevenly packed soil. These piers are screw-like steel rods that can be inserted beneath pre-existing walls. Underpinning can help support your stoop or deck support columns and lift them back up to their previous position.

Resistance piers may also be used, depending on the severity of your specific situation. Both helical and resistance piers can be installed in all weather conditions and provide lifelong support for your walls. The loads can be transferred immediately after installation. Atlas Piers only uses high quality piers, ensuring a successful and sound repair job.

Whatever solution is necessary, the Atlas team is available to help repair your settling deck and/or stoop. Contact us for more information today!