Frequently Asked Questions – Residential

Here are some FAQ’s answered from the professionals at Atlas Piers of Atlanta GA:

Atlas Piers of Atlanta GA Q:  Are your people really looking out for my best interest?

A:  YES!  Atlas’s model is specifically structured to protect our clients.  For example, none of our representatives are paid commission.  They are trained to diagnose the problem and propose the most cost effective solution, even if this means eliminating our services and recommending a less expensive option.

Q:  Aren’t all piers created equal?

A: NO. Piers are vastly different. Some piers are made in China, some are made in a one man shop, and some are made by world class manufacturers with engineers such as Atlas/Chance and Earth Contact Products. We purchase our piers from the two highest quality and best known manufactures in the piering industry. We never use recycled material (used, extracted drill pipe).  Each of our products are traceable back to the steel mill in which it was manufactured, and is backed by the manufacturer’s warranty. Don’t be fooled into thinking a cheaper pier is okay for your most valuable asset.

Q: Doesn’t lifting a house cause more problems? Won’t my house be damaged?

A: No, this is a myth propagated by our competitors who do not have the experience, ability nor capacity to lift your foundation.  We encourage our clients to allow us the opportunity to lift their home. Lifting a house actually relieves the stress placed on your house when its settled. Lifting a home is an art, and it’s something that we specialize in.  We use the strongest products to restore foundations; so if it can be lifted, why would you not lift/restore your house back to its original elevation?  Many companies cannot lift a house with their products so they tell you not to lift.

Q: How deep will the piers go? Is the included depth enough?

A: Without doing soil analysis by a Geo-technical Engineer with a drilling rig, it’s difficult to say how deep the piers will go. We can tell you that the average depth of piers in the Atlanta metro area is 20-22ft and 70% of the piers we install are less than 30ft.

Q: How many piers do you install per year? What other lines of work is Atlas in?

A: We install over 2,500 piers per year, totaling over 80,000 successful pier installations to date. We only install steel foundation support products. We decided long ago that it’s better to be the best at one thing than just good at several.

Q: I want to use you but your price is higher.  Do you match prices?

A: We understand that price can be a factor in making this decision, but make sure price is not the ONLY thing you consider. We want to be your contractor and think your best long term solution involves Atlas Piers.  We use the highest quality products and trained, honest people.  And, yes maybe we are more expensive, but our work is a permanent solution for you structure.  We go behind our competitors and fix their mistakes.  So, hire Atlas to have the job done right the first time!

Q: What does the warranty cover?

A: We typically provide a 50 year warranty that is a guarantee of no movement at all with no tolerances. It covers the product installed as well as the workmanship.  Remember – the warranty is only as good as the company that provides it.  We have been in business for over 30 years, and will be here for decades to come.

Q: Do you have an engineer on staff?

A: No, it is a huge conflict of interest to have an engineer on a repair contractor’s payroll.  An engineer is supposed to be ethically bound to lookout for the client’s (your) best interest.  How is this possible when the engineer is compensated by the foundation repair contractor?  When needed, Atlas can recommend independent, third party engineers to consult with our clients.  We have a network of licensed geotechnical/soils engineers all throughout the South East that we can refer you to.

Points to Remember:

  • No Atlas representatives are commission based.
  • Atlas only installs engineered steel foundation products. We don’t dabble in it, we specialize in it.
  • Atlas has been installing engineered steel foundation support products for 30+ years.
  • Atlas provides the strongest, manufacturers backed warranty in the industry.
  • Atlas does not have an engineer on staff, because we are truly looking out for your best interest.

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