diagram of helical pier installation

Residential Helical Piers

A sturdy foundation is key to the stability of your home. If your foundation doesn’t support your home’s weight, you may notice doors or windows not shutting properly, cracks in the walls, or even slanted floors. Eventually, foundation issues can lead to serious structural issues with your home. One solution is residential helical piers installation.

What Is a Helical Pier?

A helical pier is a steel foundation pin. During helical pier installation, this manufactured support gets driven into the soil by hydraulic machinery, and it can even go below the frost line if necessary. Generally, there’s a helical bearing plate on the base and a cap on the top. The plate hits the ground while the cap connects with the structure being supported.

four people doing  helical pier installation at Atlanta home

What Are the Advantages of Residential Helical Piers?

Also called helical piers, these piers can support a deck as well as a whole home, and they can be installed in new or existing construction. When you hire a contractor to install a helical pier to support an existing home, one portion of the pier attaches to an existing wall and then, the pier stretches out into stable soil near your home to get the support it needs. Due to this set up, helical piers can also be a way to address foundation issues that are due to soil composition. Essentially, the helical pier distributes the weight of your home into nearby soils that are stronger than the soil immediately near your home.

What Should You Do If You Need Help With Your Foundation?

If you’re having issues with your foundation, you should contact Atlas Piers. We start by looking at your foundation and exploring possible solutions with you. We have geotechnical specialists on staff who can take into account everything from the weight of your home to the condition of the surrounding soil to the natural swells in the land, and that’s just the beginning. Based on that information, we help you decide if you need helical piers or another type of support.

If you decide to go for helical pier installation, we then figure out the best locations for the piers, and we hone in on the right size of piers for your home’s need. One of the best parts of using helical piers is that you can figure out how much weight they can hold before we even install them. Then, we map out the installation schedule so you know what to expect.

Why Should You Choose Atlas Piers for Your Home?

At Atlas Piers, we have a long history of happy clients in Atlanta and the surrounding area. For over 30 years, we’ve worked with home owners, business owners, architects, and contractors throughout the area. In addition to providing quality services to our clients, we also use the best materials on the market, and our prices are extremely competitive. To learn more, contact us today.