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Often, foundations develop issues like cracking, tilting, or settling, adversely affecting the stability of your home. When this happens, it’s time for professional foundation repair. Atlas Piers of Atlanta specializes in providing expert foundation repair solutions, ensuring your home’s base remains robust and dependable for years to come.

Whether your foundation requires stabilization or you need to undertake a larger foundation repair project, our seasoned team of experts is ready to offer tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.


Understanding when you need foundation repair is crucial. Causes of distress may include changes in the soil’s consistency around your house, uneven settling of your home, or a weakening foundation due to water damage.

Sometimes, signs appear within the house, like cracked walls, doors or windows that don’t shut properly, sloping floors, or damp basements. For expert advice, schedule a no-obligation consultation with us, and we’ll help you evaluate your home’s foundation health.

Protecting Your Home’s Foundation

To protect your home’s foundation, always try to direct water away from your home. That requires gutters but also landscaping that slopes away from the home. Also, schedule timely repairs. If something appears to be wrong with your residential foundation, contact someone to fix the issue while it’s still small. Don’t wait for it to get larger and more expensive.

Advanced Foundation Repair Techniques for Your Home

Atlas Piers offers a wide range of foundation repair solutions to suit your home’s specific needs. Our trusted methods include helical piles, resistance piers, helical slab piles, and helical tiebacks. All these products work to restore your home’s foundation while minimizing the impact on your time, budget, and property.

We take pride in offering foundation repair solutions custom-fitted to your needs. Whether it’s foundation piering or wall stabilization, our techniques and materials deliver the right repair solution. We understand that foundation repair comes at a cost, and we strive to provide services within your budget. Our technical prowess and commitment to excellence ensure enduring foundation repair solutions.

Helical Piles

Helical piles are deep foundation piers consisting of a steel shaft with a series of helical plates attached. These plates vary in diameter and thickness to suit specific applications. The piles can withstand heavy loads and stabilize soil up to an average depth of 22 feet. The helical pile connects to the foundation through a cap or bracket, ensuring load transfer from the foundation through the pile.

Helical Pile Benefits

Helical piles offer numerous benefits, including fast installation, low cost, minimal site disturbance, and immediate load-bearing capacity. And with Atlas Piers’ 50-year warranty, you can trust the longevity of our repair services.

Resistance Piers

Atlas Piers of Atlanta offers advanced resistance pier systems, expertly engineered to rectify foundation settling and enhance structural stability. Resistance piers, also known as push piers, are driven deep into the soil until they reach load-bearing strata, providing a proven solution for uplifting and supporting foundations that have shifted or sunk. They offer significant stability and are ideal for transferring loads during restoration efforts. This method is highly effective for both residential and commercial properties, ensuring minimal site disturbance and precise lift. Choose Atlas Piers for dependable resistance pier installations that restore integrity and value to your building, backed by our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Resistance Piers

Resistance Piers deliver high load capacities and are adjustable, offering installation flexibility. With minimal vibration and on-site disruptions, they provide a proven foundation repair technique backed by Atlas Piers’ 50-year warranty.

Helical Slab Piles

Atlas Piers of Atlanta delivers top-tier helical slab pile solutions, designed to fortify and stabilize concrete slabs and structures susceptible to settling or subsidence. Helical slab piles are precision-engineered, steel screw-in piles that provide foundational support by transferring the weight of the slab to stable soil layers deeper underground. This innovative approach ensures minimal disruption and immediate structural support, making it ideal for applications ranging from industrial warehouses to residential homes.

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Helical Tiebacks

Atlas Piers of Atlanta specializes in the expert installation of helical tiebacks, a crucial tool for stabilizing and strengthening retaining walls and other structures facing lateral earth pressures. Helical tiebacks, similar to large, ground-anchoring screws, are inserted through the wall and into the soil behind it to provide robust, reliable support. This method is ideal for correcting and preventing the bowing, leaning, or cracking of walls due to soil or water pressure. Offering rapid installation and immediate load-bearing capacity, helical tiebacks are an efficient solution for both temporary and permanent applications. Whether you’re looking to secure a commercial retaining wall or enhance the structural integrity of residential basements, Atlas Piers provides professional helical tieback services tailored to meet your specific needs.

Contact Atlas Piers to Find Your Best Foundation Repair Solution

Remember, these are just some of the many ways we can help restore your home’s foundation. Contact the Atlas Piers team today to get your foundation repair project started.

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