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Atlas Piers of Atlanta utilizes advanced helical tieback anchors for a broad range of tension applications, providing either permanent or temporary lateral support. Our commercial tieback anchors play an instrumental role in various earth retention systems, including concrete retaining walls, soldier piles, timber lagging, and sheet piles.

Every tieback anchor installation is custom-planned based on the specific site soil conditions and loading requirements. As tieback anchor contractors with extensive experience, our team ensures you receive optimal solutions that cater to the specific needs of your project. With Atlas Piers of Atlanta, you can trust that your commercial structures are securely anchored with the industry’s best helical tieback anchors.

What are Commercial Tieback Anchors?

Commercial tieback anchors, often larger than those used in residential construction, are crucial for providing the additional support a commercial foundation requires. These anchors typically feature a central shaft or support column, complete with several blades or helix-shaped plates. The design of helical tieback anchors allows for the weight to be distributed over a larger area, and the use of extension shafts often reaches stronger soils beyond the immediate location, enhancing stability.

How Do Commercial Tieback Anchors Work?

Generally, a tieback anchor relies on axial tension. That tension supports the building. However, in some cases, your contractor may recommend using the axial compression of a helical foundation system such as a screw pile or a helix anchor. When you contact us, we start with an assessment of your structure and let you know which option is best for you.

Atlas Piers of Atlanta’s Commercial Tieback Anchor Installation Process

Atlas Piers of Atlanta makes installing commercial tieback anchors simple. Our team can put in a commercial tieback anchor with basic hand tools if there’s no need for big excavation work. If a more complex situation arises, we’re ready with various machinery like mini-excavators, skid steers, backhoes, or cranes. No matter what, we aim to minimize disruption on site, adapting to different conditions with ease.

Our high-quality industrial tieback anchors are ready to bear weight right after installation. This means you can test them easily and trust in their capacity, giving you peace of mind.

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Atlas Piers of Atlanta is dedicated to providing superior commercial tieback anchor installation services alongside our range of commercial foundation repair services. We understand the alarming consequences foundation damage can yield on your Atlanta business. Timely and expert intervention is crucial.

Our team specializes in the installation of industrial tieback anchors, capable of providing supportive strength to your commercial structures. As experienced tieback anchor contractors, we not only identify issues but also craft custom solutions to repair and prevent future foundation damage.

Don’t let foundation issues affect your business operations. Reach out to Atlas Piers. We offer comprehensive commercial foundation repair services, including the installation of helical tieback anchors. We’ll enhance your facility’s stability whether you are in Atlanta and in the surrounding states. We are known for our commercial tieback anchor work throughout the Southern United States. Contact us today to discuss your commercial project!

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