Why You May Need Helical Pier Installation

If you’re seeking to enhance the foundation of your property, helical pier installation could be the solution for you. This form of foundation repair is gaining popularity among homeowners and building managers who require a more durable and dependable foundation able to withstand the effects of time, weather and usage.

In this article, we’ll explain why helical pier installation could be the ideal long-term security measure for you. We will share details from the basics of what helical pier installation entails to its advantages, keep reading as we delve into everything related to helical piers!

What Is A Helical Pier?

If you require foundation support, a helical pier might be the perfect solution. These steel pins are driven deep into the soil using powerful hydraulic machinery to provide a stable base for your structure. What’s amazing about helical piers is their flexibility; they are adaptable and can go below the frost line if required.

With a helical bearing plate at the bottom and a cap on top, you can trust these piers to withstand the weight of your home or deck. They can be installed in both new and existing construction, making them a versatile choice for any homeowner.

Helical Pier Installation – When You Should Use Helical Piers

Helical piers, also called screw piles, screw anchors, helical piles and helical anchors, are typically used for countering compressive forces on foundation. Compression is caused by the soil below and from the home above the foundation. When these two interact, they can compress the foundation, leading to cracks in the walls, slanted floors or doors and windows not shutting correctly. Eventually, these issues can lead to serious structural problems in the home.

Helical piers have been used in the United States for years on countless commercial and residential buildings to add extra support. If you find your home is experiencing any of the above issues, along with signs of sticking doors and windows, leaning chimney and walls, sinking garage or bowing walls, helical piers can be the answer to your home’s weakened foundation. Helical piers have been load tested to prove their capacities so they’re one of the strongest supports you can add to better protect your home’s foundation.

Helical Piers in Atlanta

The helical piers we use at Atlas Piers are provided by Earth Contact Products and are an incredibly popular type of helical piers. These helical piers are extremely effective and easy to install. Helical piers are popular in the foundation repair industry because they are easy to install and create little vibration.

In addition, helical piers also allow for immediate load transfer upon installation and are easily load tested to verify capacity. This allows our engineers to know just the right number of piers to use for the weight of your home, saving you money!

Finally, helical piers can be installed in any season, during any weather conditions and create little disturbance to the job site and your yard making them the perfect support equipment for your home.

Contact Atlas Piers for Foundation Support

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