How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost?

At Atlas Piers of Atlanta, we understand that cost is a major consideration for home and business owners when deciding among foundation repair companies. Many factors can affect how much you pay for services, including your geographic location and the degree of damage to your foundation. While you must still fit the cost of foundation repair into your budget, it should reassure you to know that it is much less expensive than replacing a crumbling foundation.

Other factors that can impact how much you pay for foundation repairs include the size of your home or business, the types of repairs you need, and whether your home is part of a new construction project. Below are some typical costs for foundation repair in 2019. We offer figures for national averages and typical costs in the Atlanta area for comparison purposes.

Average Costs of Foundation Repair Services

The typical cost of repair in a single encounter is $4,160. The average range is $1,844 to $5,650, with services at the low end priced at $450 and services at the high end priced at $12,000. Because most of these numbers are estimates, you won’t know the exact cost of a foundation repair until you get a home foundation inspection. Here are the same cost estimates for Atlanta:

  • $3,719 for a single encounter
  • Range of $1,912 to $5,579
  • Low end of $630
  • High end of $8,706

As you can see, some prices are higher at the national level and some are lower. Remember that both sets of figures are only averages and the total amount of your invoice may differ considerably in either direction.

Estimates for Specific Types of Repairs

The more manpower it takes to complete a job, the more you can expect it to cost. Piering is a common example of a job function that takes the most time and strength to complete. You also need to consider the materials and how much it cost the manufacturer to produce them. Helical piers, for example, are usually priced higher than carbon fiber piers because they require contractors to complete some type of excavation before using them.

The foundation repair technicians at Atlas Piers decide on the type of pier based on the extent of structural damage to the foundation of your home or business. And, when applicable, we will provide you with several options before starting the work–always keeping affordability in mind.  Here are some typical costs for specific types of foundation repair issues.  Again, these cost estimations are based on national averages and do not directly reflect the pricing of Atlas Piers:

  • Bowing basement walls: $350 to $1,000 per strip of reinforcement
  • Cracks: $250 to $800
  • Leaks: $2,000 to $6,000
  • Leveling and slabjacking: $500 to $1,300
  • Piering and underpinning: $1,000 to $3,000 each
  • Sealing: $2,000 to $6,000
  • Setting and sinking: $1,000 to $3,000 per pile or $500 to $1,300 for mudjacking
  • Stabilizing: $12,000

Schedule a Foundation Repair Estimate to Receive a More Accurate Estimate

While these figures give you ballpark estimates, we encourage you to request a free estimate from Atlas Piers. Please be sure to provide as much information about specific issues as possible in your initial contact to help us plan for your inspection. We are happy to help clarify anything you don’t understand on the estimate at that time.