Three Reasons to Have Your Foundation Repaired During Winter

If you are starting to see signs of damage to your home’s foundation such as cracks and crumbling, you may wonder when to schedule foundation repair. At Atlas Piers of Atlanta, Inc., we recommend that you schedule a free inspection without delay no matter what the season. There can even be advantages to foundation repair in the winter that you might not have considered.

Repairing the Foundation in Winter Can Prevent Spring Flooding

Even though snow and the subsequent problems with melting are rare in Atlanta, spring can bring a higher amount of rain than the rest of the year. If you postpone foundation repair until the weather gets warmer, you risk the cracks on the outside of your home getting larger and letting in more rain water. That leaves you with a wet basement and a big mess. It is far better to repair the cracks now so you can feel confident that your home will remain dry when the rainy weather of spring arrives.

Prevent Your Home from Sinking Further into the Soil

The cold air of winter removes moisture and replaces it with drier air. This in turn can cause problems with your home’s foundation sinking into the soil. If it has already started to sink, the last thing you want is for the process to expedite itself.

Our team will check the quality of the soil that supports your home’s foundation and work to make it stronger. We will also check for obvious signs of damage on the outer portion of your home. If the problem goes unchecked, you could start to see issues indoors such as sagging floors and ceilings, windows and doors that are difficult to close, and cracks in the walls.

Winter Tends to Be a Slower Pace of Life for Most Families

After the holidays and the start of the new year, life can settle into a predictable routine for the next several months. This isn’t a popular time of year for families to travel, especially since we don’t have harsh winters to escape here in Atlanta. Arranging for foundation repair now will likely have the least disruption to your schedule and free you up to take a spring or summer vacation. It also ensures that your home is safe and that you don’t have to spend valuable time during the warm weather seasons dealing with foundation repair.

Contact Us for Home Foundation Repair or Inspection

Atlas Piers understands how important your home is to you. It is your most valuable asset and the place where you live with those you love the most. If you feel concerned that problems exist with the foundation of your home, please contact us to arrange an inspection. We will let you know at that appointment if we recommend additional repairs.

We also urge you to contact us for a free inspection if you have already seen proof that your home’s foundation needs repair. You could potentially save thousands of dollars by fixing the issues promptly. Atlas Piers also serves commercial clients in the Atlanta metropolitan area and would be happy to discuss your company’s foundation repair needs.