Is Foundation Repair Covered Under Homeowner’s Insurance?

If you are counting on your homeowner’s insurance to cover any future foundation repair needs that arise, you might be caught off guard by the limitations included in your plan. To qualify for coverage, foundation damage must fall within the guidelines set by your insurance company. If it does not, then you will be on the hook for all or part of the foundation repair bill. Explore this topic in more detail to better understand if foundation repair is covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy.

Common Causes of Foundation Damage Covered by Insurance

Foundations only typically suffer damage when acted upon by outside forces. Earthquakes and other natural disasters, for example, can cause the foundation to shift as the earth moves underfoot. Much more mundane causes are often to blame as well, including severe plumbing leaks. In many cases, slight damage often occurs as the earth naturally settles around the build.

Your insurance provider will take a close look at the cause of all foundation damage to determine if it qualifies for coverage. You may need to have your foundation inspected by the insurance company and a third party if you wish before receiving a decision. You may have the opportunity to appeal a denial, if necessary, but you must be able to prove your case.

Homeowner’s Insurance Coverage for Foundation Repairs

When settling and disasters come up as the cause of foundation damage, most insurance providers deny coverage for the claim, unless you have supplemental coverage. The supplemental plan must name the cause of your foundation problems to ensure your claim qualifies for coverage. Your insurance agent can help you determine if your foundation has the coverage you need to feel secure day by day. You may be able to add supplemental coverage before anything happens to keep your foundation in great condition.

How to Prevent the Need for Foundation Repairs

Routine inspections and maintenance services also play an important role in keeping your foundation in great condition. Focus on ensuring that you have the proper drainage systems in place and have addressed any grading issues on the property. By paying attention to these areas, you can prevent the foundation from leaking or suffering extensive damage over the years. If you notice any problems, you can work with a skilled foundation repair expert to find the best solutions. Your foundation repair professional will assess the damage and create a repair plan that addresses all the main and underlying issues.

Acquire Professional Support for All Your Foundation Repair Needs

When you take the time to ensure that your foundation repairs will be covered by your insurance, you can effectively keep your house in great condition. The time and effort you put into maintaining the condition of your foundation will undoubtedly help retain your home’s value and aesthetic value. A great foundation can also ensure that your home remains comfortable and secure for everyone in your household. If you would like help with foundation inspections, maintenance and repairs, partner with our team at Atlas Piers of Atlanta by calling 770-268-0369.