Five Foundation Repair Questions to Ask Before Buying a Home

As you look for a home to buy, it is important to check for major faults that could otherwise remain hidden. You can start your inquiries with the foundation, which acts as the main support for the entire structure. You will need to ask your real estate agent and the homeowner of the house for sale about the quality and condition of the foundation. Make sure to go through the five following foundation repair questions to acquire the information you need.

1.   What kind of foundation does the home have?

The type of foundation the home has can reveal a lot about the overall structure of the home. The residence may have a pier, concrete slab, basement or crawlspace foundation, depending on the home’s layout and location. Knowing the foundation type of the home will help you diligently watch for the appearance of potential problems as you inspect the house and weigh your buying options. Simply ask for the foundation type and record it in your notes for later reference.

2.   Has the foundation ever had any repairs performed before?

With this question, you can learn about all the foundation repair issues that have occurred over the years. If there is a history of extensive repairs, look at the underlying causes. A need for repairs after an earthquake, for example, is much different than requiring repairs after failing to complete routine maintenance. This question will reveal if there are additional repair components to consider, including steel pilings, concrete reinforcements and sealant.

3.   Does the home’s grading allow water to pool near the foundation walls?

If the grading of the land around the home allows water to pool around the foundation walls, then leaks are imminent. Since you are unlikely to have an opportunity to inspect the home during heavy rains, you will need to ask this question to acquire the info you need to make the best home buying decision possible. If the real estate agent or homeowner indicates that water does pool near the foundation, ask to visually inspect the affected area and record your notes.

4.   Does the foundation allow water to leak into the crawlspace or basement?

Ask directly if the foundation allows water to leak into the crawlspace or basement of the home. If you receive an answer in the affirmative, inquire about the underlying causes of the leak. If the foundation has cracks, for example, then water can leak inside, but this is an easy problem to fix. Water seeping through the foundation, on the other hand, can prove both costly and time-consuming to rectify.

5.   Does the foundation have any issues that need to be addressed?

If the homeowner knows of any issues with the foundation, then this question can help reveal those problems. Allow the homeowner or real estate agent to share the knowledge they must to see if any pertinent information is revealed. You may need to note the information in your records and ask your inspector to take a close look at the integrity of the foundation.

When you take the time to inquire about the condition of the foundations of homes you may want to buy, you can protect yourself from costly issues in the future. Although problems with the foundation may not deter you from making a purchase, it can help to know exactly what you are up against. For assistance with any foundation issues that arise, call 770-268-0369 to speak with the team at Atlas Piers of Atlanta.