Problem:  Bowed Basement Walls

A crack in your basement wall is a sign of foundation failure. Other signs include your basement wall bowing, leaning or rotating. These are important indicators that your foundation is in need of repair.

Some cracking in concrete and block basement walls is normal; however, more serious cracks are indicative of foundation issues. Stair-step cracks in masonry joints are a big concern, especially if the wall is bulging or if the crack is wider than 1/4 inch. Horizontal cracks are the most serious. It may mean that the water-saturated soils froze and expanded pushing in and breaking the foundation, or because soil loads exceed what the wall is capable of holding.

If you notice serious cracks, or if your basement wall is bowing, leaning or rotating, it is important to contact Atlas Piers for a free consultation.

Solution:  Helical Tiebacks

After we inspect your foundation, we will provide the correct solution based on your repair needs.

Helical tiebacks or anchors are designed to stabilize and strengthen bowing basement walls. They are installed from the inside of the basement wall through a small hole. With exterior excavation, the basement wall can be immediately pulled back to its original design.

The products we use for basement wall repair are

manufactured by Atlas/AB Chance and Earth Contact Products (ECP), the two leaders in foundation repair products in the industry. Contact the Atlas team today for more information regarding solutions for basement walls and other foundation repair topics!