Problem: Bay Windows

Poorly compacted and weak soils can lead to problems with not just your home, but also your foundation. Your bay window’s foundation might be settling as well, which is most noticeable in the form of cracking around the window. These are often horizontal or vertical cracks running just above or below your window.

Problems that may occur in addition to bay window cracks include:

  • wall or floor cracks in the home
  • sticking doors or windows
  • uneven floors just inside the footprint of the bay window

Typically bay window problems are not major structural issues and are isolated to just the window itself.  Contact Atlas Piers for a free consultation and a relatively inexpensive repair.

Solution:  Helical Underpinning

Underpinning can help keep your garage level and stable. Helical piers can be installed to keep your garage from sinking further into unevenly packed soil. These piers are screw-like steel rods that can be inserted beneath pre-existing walls. Underpinning can help support your garage columns and lift them back up to their previous position. These piers can also support the rest of your garage to keep any other portions from sinking in uneven soil.
Resistance piers may also be used, depending on the severity of your specific situation. Both helical and resistance piers can be installed in all weather conditions and provide lifelong support for your walls. The loads can be transferred immediately after installation. Atlas Piers only uses high quality piers, ensuring a successful and sound repair job.
Whatever solution is necessary, the Atlas team is available to help repair your garage column cracks. Contact us today for more information regarding solutions for garage column cracks and other foundation repair topics!