Gaps and Spaces in Atlanta

Gaps and Spaces in Atlanta, GA If you see gaps or spaces between the walls and the floor or ceiling of your home, it is most likely a sign of foundation failure. When the foundation under your home begins to shift or settle, the floor may settle or sag. This can cause the walls to pull away from either the ceiling or the floor, as they are no longer adequately supported. This problem may lead to various other issues throughout the structures, such as crack formation in the walls, ceiling, or floors; sticking doors or windows; or sloped or uneven floors. Atlas Piers can come up with a solution to close all of the gaps and spaces in your home. We provide a variety of foundation repair solutions for both commercial and residential structures.

If you see gaps and spaces in your home, look for other signs of foundation failure, such as:


Most likely, the gaps and spaces in your home are caused by a foundation problem such as foundation sinking, settlement, shifting, or cracking. These problems result from soil movement or excess moisture. For example, if the ground under your foundation was not properly compacted when the home was built, the soil will settle over time, taking the foundation down with it. Excess hydrostatic pressure from groundwater can push on the foundation, causing foundation shifting and cracking. If voids form under your home due to soil shrinkage or erosion, they can also lead to foundation sinking and settlement.

Solutions for Gaps and Spaces in Atlanta, GA

One of the best solutions for gaps and spaces in your Atlanta, GA home is to support the foundation and lift it to the proper position. This will bring the floor back to the proper level and close any gaps and cracks that may have formed. One way to do this is with a method called pressure grouting. This method involves drilling several small holes in the concrete slab foundation and then injecting a grout. Once the grout is injected, it begins to expand, filling voids underneath the foundation and compacting the soil around the voids to create a stable support for the slab. The equipment can then be cleared away and the work site cleaned up. Pressure grouting is an excellent solution because it is simpler and less expensive than some other methods of foundation repair.

If the slab cannot be supported with pressure grouting, underpinning is the best option. This process involves the installation of steel push piers or helical piers under the foundation. The piers are driven into the ground, or screwed into the ground in the case of helical piers, and used to support the weight of the structure. Next, the piers can lift the foundation to the proper level, closing gaps and spaces and restoring the settling or sinking foundation to normal. The underpinning method is very versatile, and while often more expensive than other types of repairs, it can be used on nearly any home to lift and stabilize a settling foundation and close foundation cracks.

Other common types of foundation repair that may help close gaps and cracks in your home include: helical anchors, porch piers, helical tiebacks, and helical slab piers. Let the expert team at Atlas Piers help you determine which solution is right for the gaps and spaces in your home. For more information, contact us today!