Problem: Sticking Windows

sticking windows atlanta

Georgia experiences a variety of temperatures throughout the course of a year.  From humid summers to chilly winters, temperature has great affects on the soil underneath your home.  Soil expansion and compaction can have a big influence on the foundation of your home.  An especially dry, cold winter means extremely compact soil, while a wet summer means saturated expanding soil.  Soil can put pressure on the foundation and lead to serious problems.  If you notice sticking windows or doors, these could be a small but serious sign of foundation problems.

Other signs that point to a problem with your foundation include:

Solution: Underpinning

Underpinning is often used when the sticking windows in your home point to a significant foundation problem. Underpinning will support the foundation of your home when the soil beneath it sinks. Helical or push piers are inserted into the ground beneath preexisting walls. These piers immediately transfer the weight of your home from the sinking, unstable soil beneath it to a more compacted, stable soil further down.

helical tiebacks atlanta sticking windows

Underpinning may involve the use of helical tiebacks. These can be used to support walls that may be leaning or bowed. Bowing and leaning walls often cause sticking doors and windows. Helical tiebacks can be installed into your wall and the soil outside. They will lift the wall back to its original position and provide extra support when heavy, moisture-filled soil pushes in.

Solution: Carbon Fiber Strips

Because there could be many causes for sticking windows, there are also many different possible solutions. Carbon fiber strips are an eco-friendly alternative to underpinning. These strips make very little mess during installation. They are used for a number of different foundation repair jobs, such as when your sticking windows are caused by leaning or bowing walls. These strips are applied using a high strength epoxy.

carbon fiber repairs for sticking windows

These carbon fiber strips are placed directly on your wall, offer low-visibility, and can easily be painted over. Carbon fiber strips may be the correct solution for you if your home’s foundation is not in too bad of shape. They can help repair cracked walls as well.

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