Damp Humid Basement

One of the most common issues in basements in the Atlanta, GA area is too much moisture. Water in the basement can be a huge issue, as it can lead to serious problems, such as flooding and water stains. Even small amounts of moisture in the basement can lead to the growth of mold and mildew, a dangerous threat to the health of you and your family. If you see any signs that your basement has a water problem, contact a professional repair team right away. Atlas Piers has all of the necessary tools and knowledge to keep your home safe and dry.

Damp Humid Basement Solutions in Atlanta, GA by Atlas PiersDamp and humid basements can be caused by water seepage or leaking water. If you have small cracks in your basement walls or floor, water may leak through the cracks to create moisture issues in your home. Ground water can also seep through the porous concrete of the foundation and into your basement. This not only leads to basement moisture issues, but can also weaken your foundation, leading to foundation crack formation, foundation crumbling, or a shifting and settling foundation.

Your basement may still have a water issue even if you do not see pools of water or large water stains. Some subtle signs of a basement moisture issue are:


If you see any of these signs in your basement, there is probably a moisture issue. Contact a professional team immediately to take care of the issue before it becomes worse.

Damp Humid Basement Solutions in Atlanta, GA

Closing any foundation cracks can help keep your home protected from basement water leakage. This can be done by ensuring that the home is properly supported with a variety of techniques: steel push pier installation, helical piers installation, or pressure grouting. Steel piers and helical piers are installed deep underground in the stable soils to support and lift the settling or sinking foundations and close cracks that formed due to the settlement. Pressure grouting involves injecting a cement based grout under the foundation to fill voids and reverse settlement, closing cracks in the process. Cracks in the foundation walls can be fixed with helical tiebacks, which pull bowing or leaning walls back into place and close cracks, or carbon fiber strips, which support bowing walls and seal basement wall cracks.

Vapor Barrier for Damp Humid Basement Repair in Atlanta, GA by Atlas PiersAnother way to seal moisture out of your basement is with a process called wall encapsulation. In this method, a vapor barrier is installed all along the walls of the basement to seal out moisture. This barrier, made of a water resistant material such as plastic or foil sheeting, resists the diffusion of water vapor to keep water from seeping through the concrete of the foundation walls. The barrier also covers cracks to keep water form leaking into the basement.

To find a quality solution for the damp, humid basement in your Atlanta home, contact the professional contractors at Atlas Piers as soon as possible.