Carbon Fiber Reinforcement for Foundations

Carbon Fiber Reinforcement for Foundations

This article taken from which is a great site for understanding what’s going on with foundation problems.

We have all heard about the strength and unique properties of carbon fiber. It is used in many high tech applications such as car racing, mountain bikes, fishing poles, golf clubs and baseball bats. What do all of these things have in common – the need to produce high strength and light weight in a small package. As carbon fiber materials have evolved and become more price competitive, new applications and opportunities have evolved into our mainstream lives. One of these applications is in our homes as a foundation repair method for bowing and cracked basement walls.

Using its thin profile and tremendous strength carbon fiber, when applied to basement walls, can reinforce problem foundations. Over 20 years of Large-Scale Testing for applications that include repair and strengthening of concrete, masonry, steel, and wood structures support carbon fiber systems. In each of these tests, carbon fiber was shown to out-perform steel alternative repairs. Carbon fiber products never corrode like steel and offer greater tensile strengths without the obstructions or adversely effecting the look of your basement wall.

As with all products in the foundation repair business, it all comes down to precise application of the products more than the individual products themselves. Carbon fiber materials must be installed correctly and by approved foundation repair contractors to provide their full benefit. Just because a contractor offers a product does not mean that this person has been properly trained in its application. Understanding this and hiring a qualified structural repair contractor is the first step in getting your foundation walls repaired correctly.

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