Chimney Repair in Atlanta Georgia

Do you have a tilting or leaning chimney? Leaning chimneys are a major problem that many homeowners don’t want to acknowledge. They may resemble the tower of Pisa waiting to fall over at any moment. This is a clear indicator that your home could have a foundation or structural issue.  The good news is Atlas Piers can repair your foundation with today’s repair methods to avoid further damage. We can move your chimney into its original position without rebuilding. We are your chimney repair in Atlanta Georgia team.

Symptoms of Chimney Repair Atlanta Georgia

To identify symptoms of chimney repairs, inspect the joint between the siding and the exterior of the chimney. An opened gap is good indicator that your chimney is starting to lean. Don’t try to fix this on your own by applying mortar, metal straps or foam insulation. You need to hire our professionals to repair it because it is not a cosmetic issue.

Symptoms of a leaning chimney can also occur in the interior of the house. Does your chimney run through the inside of the house? If so, then look in your attic to see if it is centered in the opening. At Atlas Piers, we are your chimney repair in Atlanta Georgia team.

Causes of Chimney Repair Atlanta Georgia

What causes tilting and leaning chimneys? There are many reasons why chimneys need repairs. They include:

  • Poor Soil Conditions – Poor soil that expands or contracts can cause foundation failure.
  • Poor Drainage – Improper drainage can lead to moisture build up and cause soil erosion.
  • Plumbing Leaks – Water from leaky plumbing can cause foundation problems and heaving.
  • Evaporation – Hot drought conditions can lead to settling foundation and cracks in the structure.
  • Transpiration – Tree roots removes water from soil beneath the home. This causes soil shrinkage and foundation issues.

Know the reasons why you have foundation problems before it’s too late. This may save you time and money in the future. At Atlas Piers, we can help you with your chimney repair in Atlanta Georgia.

Chimney Repair Atlanta Georgia Solutions

Chimney repair in your Atlanta Georgia home using helical piers At Atlas Piers, we can repair your tilting or leaning chimney with helical piers, driven pins, or other foundation repair methods. Helical piers is one of the most common types of structural underpinning methods today. The process involves screwing the piers into the ground. They are more reliable than push piers because they do not move or wiggle.

Helical piers supports your home by attaching to an existing wall. It takes the weight from near the surface of the ground down to a lower level to a stable part of the earth. Helical piers also can be installed in small, inaccessible places.

Using helical piers has many advantages. It can be installed below the active soil with little to no disturbance to the work site. Our team of professionals can look at your foundation issues and determine the best solution for your chimney repairs. You can be assured that the professionals at Atlas Piers of Atlanta will use the best products in the industry. They are made by Earth Contact Products (ECP), the leading manufacturer of foundation repair products in the industry.

Call us today for your chimney repair needs in Atlanta, Georgia. We offer free estimates and quality service. We are your chimney repair Atlanta Georgia service provider.