Foundation Problems and Repair in Brookhaven, GA by Atlas Piers

Living in Brookhaven, Georgia can pose a challenge to maintaining a stable foundation for your home due to the unpredictable weather conditions. The city experiences significant temperature fluctuations and extreme weather events, which can cause severe damage to concrete foundations. Moisture-related soil erosion and shrinkage can result in foundation settlement and sinking. Additionally, the soil around the foundation can expand, contract or settle due to changing weather conditions, leading to various foundation failures.

Maintaining a strong foundation for your home is crucial. Even the slightest indication of an issue can rapidly transform into a bigger problem, leading to significant damage to your home and property. The good news is, if you live in Brookhaven, Georgia, you can avail the best foundation repair services in the area. Atlas Piers is a renowned name in the industry, with a reputation for paying close attention to detail and providing efficient and effective solutions for any foundation issue. Don’t wait until it’s too late to seek assistance with your foundation; contact Atlas Piers today for a comprehensive examination and reliable repair services.

Foundation Repair Solutions in Brookhaven, GA by Atlas Piers

Warning Signs of Foundation Problems

It’s important to look out for warning signs that your foundation may be in trouble. If you notice any of these concerns in your home, it’s important to act quickly and contact a foundation repair expert. They can identify the cause of the problem and offer solutions to get your foundation back to normal.

  • Foundation Cracks
  • Bowing and Leaning Walls
  • Wall Cracks
  • Foundation Settlement and Sinking
  • Ceiling Cracks
  • Sloped Floors
  • Sticking Doors and Windows
  • Gaps and Spaces
  • Water Seepage
  • Damp Basement or Crawlspace
  • Basement or Crawlspace Mold

Our Foundation Repair Solutions in Brookhaven, GA

We offer a variety of foundation repair solutions to take care of whatever problem you have in your home. Steel push pier or helical pier installation is used to support sinking and settling foundations. These piers are driven or screwed into the ground to lift and stabilize the settling foundations. These underpinning solutions are just a few of the foundation repair services that we offer.

If the walls in your basement have started to lean, bow, or crack, it is important to have them repaired as soon as possible. Helical tiebacks can be used to anchor into the adjacent soil and pull the walls back into place.

Encapsulation Services

Are you troubled by a damp basement or crawlspace that constantly accumulates moisture? If so, you might need encapsulation services to prevent the moisture from seeping in. Atlas Piers provides a unique service that will help you get rid of the musty smell and wet floors for good.

Our encapsulation process involves fixing a sturdy vapor barrier along the interior of your basement or crawlspace, preventing moisture from entering and sealing it out completely. With Atlas Piers’ encapsulation services, you can now enjoy a drier and healthier living space.

Contact Us Today For A Free Consultation

Having a strong foundation is crucial for the safety and stability of your home or business. At Atlas Piers, we understand this and offer tailored foundation repair solutions to meet your specific needs. Whether you’re located in Brookhaven, GA or elsewhere, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation if you’re in need of foundation repair services.

Our team of experts will assess the situation and provide you with a comprehensive plan of action that suits your budget and timeline. We’re committed to helping you protect your investment and ensuring your peace of mind. Schedule your consultation today by giving us a call.