Foundation Repair in Marietta Georgia

Marietta has a humid subtropical climate with definite changes in seasons. Winter months bring temperatures in the twenties, while summertime is defined by rising temperatures into the high eighties. Precipitation comes year-round and makes for an annual average of 56 inches. The national average is only 36.5 inches. This large amount of rain and change in seasons can pose some potential problems for homeowners in Marietta. We’re here to help you fix those problems. Atlas Piers is your foundation repair Marietta Georgia service provider.

Foundation Repair in Marietta GA

As temperatures change, so does the soil. The hotter it becomes, the more soil expands. When temperatures drop, the soil compacts. The more this cycle happens (and the more often it happens,) the weaker soils become. When a home is built, it relies on these soils for support. When the ground weakens, it can begin to sink or settle, causing the home on top of it to do the same. Misaligned doors and windows, cracks in walls and floors, and leaning chimneys are all signs of foundation settlement. If you notice them occurring in your home, give us a call right away! We’ll be there is a flash to help keep your home safe.

 Foundation Repair Marietta Georgia, Foundation Repair Marietta GAIf an area receives a lot of rain, foundations may be in for another problem. When soil around a home becomes saturated, it places hydrostatic pressure on the foundation. When soils become extremely saturated after a heavy downpour, it can put a large amount of pressure on a foundation. When foundations are built, they are made to withstand a certain amount of pressure. If this load is surpassed, the foundation may begin to crack, letting in water, insects, and even critters. Don’t let this be a problem in your home. With our foundation repair products and services, you won’t have to worry about it at all!

Foundations for homes and commercial property should to be inspected for areas of that need that extra support. Letting concerns go too long and you have a bigger issue and a bigger bill. The slabs that are your garage, patio, warehouse floor should be watched carefully for cracks. The soil underneath could be drying out and shrinking. When that happens a void is created and the slab will start to settle or sink. Slab helical piers can lift up the slab and make it level once again. Once the slab is stable, pressure grouting can be injected to fill the void. This void filling makes a better base for the slab to sit.

Other foundation repair solutions that we offer include: pressure grouting, helical tiebacks, carbon fiber repairs, and encapsulation. Pressure grouting is a method that is used to fill voids that may have developed under your foundation.This is a simple process in which a grout is injected under the foundation, filling voids to stabilize the foundation. This method can be used in addition to underpinning to repair a settling foundation. Helical tiebacks are often used to repair bowing or leaning walls. helical tiebacks for marietta These devices are anchored into the ground next to the wall; they apply horizontal pressure opposite to the direction of the lean which straightens the wall. Carbon fiber strips are another method that can be used to fix leaning or cracking foundation walls. These strips give the wall strength and stability, locking it in place and closing any cracks that may have formed. since basements and crawlspaces often develop water issues, Atlas Piers offers wall encapsulation, a waterproofing method. This method involves the installation of a vapor barrier along the walls of the crawlspace or basement. The barrier will seal out moisture, not only leaving the area dry and mold-free, but also keeping the air in the entire home fresher to ensure you and your family’s health.

Give us a call to help with your foundation repair projects. We are your foundation repair Marietta Georgia professionals!

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