Why is foundation repair important in Rome Georgia?

The climate in Rome includes quite a few temperature changes. As temperatures change, soils expand and compact. The more this process occurs, the stunning as ancient Rome buildings, but they are just as important to us. We take protecting the foundations of Rome’s homes seriously. With a humid subtropical climate, the foundations in Rome face a few potential issues. With various seasons, Rome experiences various temperatures. Winters bring temperatures just below the freezing point, while summer days reach ninety degrees. Rain falls throughout the year to make for a annual average of about 54 inches. The national average is only 36.5 inches. This precipitation can lead to problems for the homes in Rome. Luckily, you have the professionals at Atlas Piers of Atlanta here to help.

Foundation Repair Solutions for Rome Georgia

As temperatures change, soils expand and compact. The more this process occurs, the weaker soils become. When your home is built, it relies on these soils for support. When they lose their original strength, they may begin to sink or settle. Because your home is depending on them, they may begin to settle, too. This is called foundation settlement, and there are some key signs that it is happening in your home. You can look for cracks forming in your walls and floors. Your doors and windows may become misaligned. This will make them difficult to close and open because they will stick. If you have a chimney, it might begin to lean to one side. This is very dangerous, because chimneys are very heavy. If you notice this happening, call us right away! We want to help maintain the value of your home, and more importantly, we want to keep you and your family safe!

Underpinning, or the installation of foundation piers to support a settling or sinking foundation is our specialty. In this process, a pier is driven into the ground to shift the weight of the foundation from unstable soils to the more sturdy ground beneath. We use a variety of different pier for this method, including: helical piers, steel push piers, slab piers, and porch piers. Other foundation repair solutions that we offer include: pressure grouting, helical tiebacks, carbon fiber repairs, and encapsulation. encapsulation for rome georgia Pressure grouting is a method that is used to fill voids that may have developed under your foundation. In this simple process, a grout is injected under the foundation, filling voids to lift and stabilize the foundation. Helical tiebacks are often used to repair bowing or leaning walls. They apply horizontal pressure opposite to the direction of the lean to straighten the wall. Carbon fiber strips are another method that can be used to fix leaning or cracking foundation walls. These strips provide the wall with strength and stability, locking it in place and closing any cracks that may have formed. Atlas Piers offers wall encapsulation, a waterproofing method that involves the installation of a vapor barrier along the walls of the crawlspace or basement. The barrier seals out moisture, not only leaving the area dry and mold-free, but also leaving the air in the entire home fresher and healthier.

If the ground around your home becomes overly saturated because of heavy rains, it can place pressure on your home’s foundation. If this pressure becomes too much to bear, your foundation may begin to crack. These cracks can let in unwanted water, insects, and even critters. If you want to avoid allowing this to happen to your home, we can help.

We’re your go to company when it comes to foundation repair in Rome Georgia. Call us to help with your next project!

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