How Long Does Foundation Repair of a House Take?


Besides wanting to know how much home foundation repair costs, the question of how long it takes to complete is one of the most common ones that people ask of foundation repair companies.

This can be a challenging question to answer because it depends on several unique factors regarding the home and its foundation. While it may be possible to repair a minor issue in one day, complex cases can take a few weeks or longer.

Home Foundation Factors Influencing Work Time

One of the biggest indicators of how long it will take to repair foundation damage in a home is the extent of damage it has sustained. For example, a small and superficial crack that has not yet spread very far is usually a minor fix. We may only need to seal the crack with caulk and mortar and then fill the hole. This should provide sufficient protection as long as no other damage has taken place yet.

On the other hand, foundation repair will take much longer if the structure has started to bulge, bow, or curve inward as this represents serious foundational damage. If the problem has occurred due to a bad framing job, foundation repair could take even longer. We always evaluate the extent of foundation damage and provide you with an estimate for both cost and time before starting any job. Here are some other factors that can affect the amount of work our employees must perform on your home’s foundation:

  • The size of your home: The smaller the home, the less time it typically takes for us to complete foundation repair.
  • Current weather conditions: It is difficult for us to work in rainy, windy, or severe weather conditions. Weather has the potential to delay a project by several days if conditions are significant enough for us to stop working for the day.
  • Trees and plants surrounding the foundation: If you have a lot of growth in and around your home’s foundation, it may take us longer to find and correct the specific problem. We will inform you if it is necessary to remove any tree or plant life before doing so.
  • How much we need to raise the house: The larger your home and the more significant the damage to its foundation, the more likely it is we will need to raise it as high as possible. Because this takes a lot of effort, it can increase the total time of your foundation repair job.
  • If we encounter any issues with your home’s plumbing: Working around a plumbing line is a challenge and can increase the length of the job. However, we would rather work slower and take every precaution necessary to avoid hitting a plumbing line and causing more extensive damage.

Foundation Repair for Atlanta Homes

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