Signs of a Sinking Foundation

Sinking Foundation Atlanta Repairs

A sinking foundation is one of the most common problems when it comes to the more serious foundation problems. It is a danger to you and your family, and can cause the value of your home to decrease significantly. Also, if not taken care of can cause many different foundation problems in the future. Don’t worry, at Atlas Piers we offer plenty sinking foundation Atlanta solutions.

It is hard to notice such slight changes in your home, especially during day-to-day life. We do not really pick up on signs such as sloping floors, a leaning chimney, or leaning or bowing walls. There are a few different signs of a sinking foundation that are easier to pick out such as sticking doors and windows, wall cracks, water puddles around the base of your home, badly cracked floors, or even garage column cracks.

All of these will help you to identify a sinking foundation. If you notice these signs give us a call. Don’t wait to call, delaying repairs may cause more damage, and therefore increasing the costs of the repairs. It is best to call as soon as you notice any signs of foundation failure.

Professional Sinking Foundation Atlanta Help

Each sign of a sinking foundation can be fixed, and the sinking foundation can be returned to its original position. For example, a simple sign of a sinking foundation is a wall crack, a wall crack can be fixed by crack injection. This is a process in which a chemical is injected into the crack. The substance is flexible and will keep water from getting into your home, and prevent further cracking. There are many different tools and processes we use to help you keep you home in its best shape.

Sinking Foundation Atlanta

As for the sinking foundation, we will use quality underpinning piers from Earth Contact Products to help lift the settling foundation. These tools help to fix your immediate sinking foundation problem, but also help to prevent future foundation failure. Depending on your specific foundation problem, we may use different piers to help lift your home’s foundation.

Whatever you may need, or whatever foundation failure problem you may have, we can help. Your home is huge investment and we plan on helping you keep it in it great condition. We are excited to be able to help you in any way we can. Give us a call today, we want to provide you with the best sinking foundation Atlanta solutions and service. Atlas Piers is your go-to for sinking foundation Atlanta repairs.