Chimney Repair Atlanta GA

Have you ever truly looked up at your chimney to make sure it was in good shape? They are out of our way, so sometimes, they don’t receive the attention they deserve.

Chimney Repair Atlanta GA

Chimneys can crack, crumble, and even lean over time. In fact, a leaning chimney is a key sign of foundation settlement. Be sure @tl@spiersto take a look at your chimney to make sure it has no problems. This damage can be a sign of mild or severe problems, all of which we can fix. Atlas Piers is your chimney repair Atlanta GA service provider.

If chimney problems go without repair, they can worsen. Internal cracks in the masonry flue can make the chimney a flue gas and fire hazard. If a leaning chimney isn’t fixed, it can eventually fall. This is dangerous not only for your family, but for the home next to yours. Because a leaning chimney can be a sign of foundation settlement, it needs to be inspected right away. If the problem is taken care of quickly, a settling foundation can be fixed before too much damage is caused. If you are in need of chimney repair Atlanta GA, don’t wait. Call us right away.

Leaning or Cracked Chimney Repair Methods

There are a few methods of chimney repair Atlanta GA. While rebuilding a leaning or cracked chimney is always an option, it is very expensive and not always necessary. Steel piers can be used to repair a leaning chimney. They usually take about a day or two to install and give your chimney the support it needs by driving a pile deep into the ground. This pile is then attached to the footing of the chimney, and hydraulic jacks raise the chimney back to its original height.  Keep in mind that cracks are generally a sign of a bigger problem. Have your home inspected by a professional to see if you are in need of foundation repair. We are experts when it comes to leaning cracked chimney repair. We are your chimney repair Atlanta GA professionals. Give us a call today!