Commercial Foundation Construction and Repair

Unlike most traditional residential buildings, commercial foundations must support thousands of tons of materials, supplies, and residents. If the ground beneath a commercial structure cannot support the weight, a high-quality foundation is necessary to ensure the safety of the building and its inhabitants.

Building Commercial Foundations

Contractors can help with commercial foundation needs. Atlas Piers Foundations. Commercial buildings can range drastically in size, from a small office complex to a towering skyscraper. As a result, the extent of the building’s foundation and time it takes to construct also vary. Modern commercial foundations are built upon large metal posts known as piles. Construction piles are driven into the ground of a build-site, several feet deep, to create a permanent support for the commercial structure. Helical piles are a common choice; the helix plates around the shaft of the pile provide additional support and further distribute the weight load of the foundation.

Concrete is usually poured on top of the piles to create a flat building surface. The commercial structure is built upon the concrete, which is often thought to be the true foundation, but the piles are responsible for supporting the weight of both the concrete and building.

Repairing Commercial Foundations

Structural foundations can suffer damage from a number of different sources. The most common cause of foundation failure is from settlement. Shifting soil, groundwater flow or decomposing organic material can cause the ground beneath a foundation to compact or destabilize. Without adequate support, the foundation can crumble.

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Damage done to the concrete foundation of a building can usually be repaired from inside the lowest level; construction teams can use fresh concrete to repair or replace the necessary areas. If the damage is due to foundation settling or other subterranean causes, the best solution is underpinning. Foundation underpinning involves placing piles or other mechanical elements below the problem areas to transfer the building’s load to a stronger, more stable area. This method provides permanent support, raising the structure back to its original elevation without affecting the building’s aesthetics.


Georgia Foundation Services

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