I’m Having Basement Wall Problems, What Should I Do?

A crack in your basement wall is one of the primary signs that your home needs basement foundation repair. Another Cracked wall repair by Atlas Piers of Atlanta sign that your home may need basement foundation repair are bowing, leaning or rotating basement walls.

Homes settle over time due to the varying moisture content in the soil around the foundation. Expansive soils, the kind found in the Atlanta and surrounding area expand when there is excessive moisture in the soil and shrink when the soil is dry. This causes the shifting and uneven settling of the home’s foundation.

Concrete and block basement walls will have at least a few cracks due to when it cures, it does not shrink evenly. By recognizing the more serious cracks, you can be more aware of the possibility of foundation issues. Stair-step cracks in masonry joints are a big concern especially if the wall is bulging or the crack is wider than 1/4 inch. Horizontal cracks are the most serious. It may mean that the water-saturated soils froze and expanded pushing in and breaking the foundation, or because of the shifting of the expansive soils.

If you notice any of these serious cracks or if your basement wall is bowing, leaning or rotating, it is important to have your home inspected by a professional in foundation repair. The experts at Atlas Piers or Atlanta have over 25 years of experience and can take a look at your basement walls and determine what solution is best for your basement wall repair.

Basement Wall Repair in Atlanta, GA by Atlas Piers of Atlanta

The experts at Atlas Piers of Atlanta has several solutions for Basement wall repair by Atlas Piers of Atlanta your basement wall repair. After we inspect your foundation, we provide several solutions based on your foundation repair needs. These include:

  • Resistance piers – Resistance piers or steel push piers is a two-stage product designed to produce structural support strength. These piers are driven deep into the soil to a more stable soil then the structure is lifted onto the piers, stabilizing the structure.
  • Helical piers – Helical piers are an excellent choice for foundation stabilization when light structural loads, unstable rock basement or very deep load bearing layers are present. Helical piers are screwed into the ground to more stable soil and the weight of the structure is lifted onto them to stabilize the structure.
  • Helical tieback anchors – Helical tiebacks are designed to stabilize and strengthen bowing basement walls. These helical tieback anchors are installed from the inside of the basement wall through a small hole and with exterior excavation, the basement wall can be immediately pulled back to its original design.

The products we use for basement wall repair are manufactured by Earth Contact Products (ECP), the leader in foundation repair products in the industry. At the first sign of basement wall problems, contact the professionals at Atlas Piers of Atlanta. We provide the best products for foundation repair along with over 25 years of experience in the Atlanta area. Our prices match and often beat our competitors.

Not only do we serve the Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding area, we also serve cities in the sates of Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, Florida, and South Carolina.