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You’re going around your office, making sure everything is clean before putting away the duster and cleaning rags. You keep noticing these cracks everywhere, some small, some larger, and you know your eyes aren’t tricking you! When you think about it, your windows have been giving you trouble lately, and so have your doors. In fact, your friend commented the other day that your door looked odd and out of place. What is going on? If you’re experiencing these problems or something similar, you probably have problems with your foundation. One of the best solutions to foundation problems are commercial helical piers! If you need commercial helical piers Atlanta, we’re here for you.

Commercial Helical Piers in Atlanta, GA

Helical piers are like resistance piers, or push piers, and support your home from underneath. Many people are turning more to helical piers than push piers nowadays because it is believed that helical piers are more stable. Instead of being simply pushed into the ground, they are screwed in, which makes them more stable in the ground. They won’t have a chance to lean or wiggle around, so they are more reliable than push piers. The purpose of helical piers are, like push piers, to support your home. They do this by attaching to an already existing wall and taking the weight from near the surface of the ground down to a lower level to a more suitable and stable part of the earth, where it is much easier to support the weight of the home. Helical piers can also be installed in tight, small, and hard-to-get-to places. Most people need helical piers to correct their foundation problems, which can come about from unreliable soil; soil that is too wet or too dry, or where conditions vary too much. This can cause cracks in drywall, basement walls, and uneven foundation, which can make your doors and windows stick or look out of place.

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