Residential Concrete Repair in Atlanta, Georgia

In Atlanta, there are countless reasons why your home might be in need of concrete repair. Concrete tends to crack and shift over time, especially when the moisture and soil around the concrete aren’t what they should be. Excess water and shifting soil can cause major cracks and breaks in your concrete. In Georgia, Atlas Piers is your go-to business for residential concrete repair problems.

Common indications of concrete problems in your Atlanta home may include:

  • cracked, uneven sidewalks or driveway
  • cracked or shifting garage floor
  • falling or sinking stoop
  • sticking doors or windows, especially in the garage

If you notice a crack in your driveway or garage in Georgia, it is important to contact a foundation contractor from Atlas Piers of Atlanta right away.

Residential Concrete Repair Atlanta. Concrete Grouting Atlanta

If these problems are left alone for too long, or you attempt to fix them yourself, the situation can get worse and create further damage. Cracks in the driveway and garage can dramatically decrease the value of your home, and threaten the safety of your family. Letting these problems sit can cause cracks to get deeper and wider, hurting your home even more.

But what does concrete repair look like? Is it messy and loud, with jackhammers and a big mess for you to clean up? It doesn’t have to be!

Pressure Grouting for Concrete Repair in Your Atlanta Home

Many times your concrete driveway or garage has a void underneath it, or soils that cannot handle the load above it. This can cause shifting and heaving of the slab. We perform what is called pressure grouting. Holes are drilled into the concrete area that has the issue. We use a cement based grout product and pump this grout under pressure into the void or loose soil beneath the concrete. This will lift and support the area in question. This will minimize the chances of more cracks later as well.

Pressure Grouting for Residential Concrete Repair in Atlanta

Pressure grouting has numerous positive aspects, such as:

  • easy, mess-free installation
  • durability
  • low cost
  • prevents future cracks and repairs current cracks
  • stabilizes soil beneath important structures in your home
  • no noisy jackhammer!
  • no need to remove and replace cracked concrete!

So don’t look at the cracks in your driveway or sidewalk and panic, it doesn’t necessarily mean replacing concrete with a loud jackhammer. We can drill small holes, fill the voids with pressure grout, seal the holes and you are all set! We have years of concrete grouting experience and use only the very best grouting products. For all your residential concrete repair Atlanta needs, call us today. We are absolutely the concrete repair Atlanta proven specialists!