Residential and Commercial Foundation Repair in Columbia South Carolina

Foundation problems can strike homes and businesses in any climate. Columbia is a part of the humid subtropical climate zone with mild winters and hot, humid summers. Spring comes early and autumn is generally pretty warm. Average summer highs are in the nineties, while average winter lows are in the upper thirties. Columbia gets about 45 inches of rain every year, a good amount more than the national average of only 36.5 inches. While South Carolina’s climate is generally enjoyed by the citizens of Columbia, it can pose some potential issues for its businesses. For commercial foundation repair Columbia South Carolina, Atlas Piers are your experts!

Foundation Repair Solutions for Columbia South Carolina

As temperatures change, soils expand and compact. The more this happens or the more quickly it happens, the weaker the soils become. cracked floors in columbia south carolina  Columbia averages 53 nights where the temperatures drop below freezing, but it is rare for the temperatures to stay below freezing during the day. Because of this, the temperatures are changing in a short amount of time, weakening the soils. When a commercial building is built, it relies on the soils beneath it for support. If those soils lose their original strength, they may sink or settle, and the business above them may do just the same. This is called foundation settlement. You will notice misaligned doors and windows, cracks in your floors and walls if your foundation is settling.

Precipitation can also cause problems. If a large amount of precipitation falls, the ground around your business can become extremely saturated. This places hydrostatic pressure on your businesses foundation. If this pressure surpasses the amount your foundation was built to withstand, it may begin to crack. These cracks can cause even more problems for your business.

If you have these issues in your commercial building or simply want to avoid them, give us a call! No matter what your commercial foundation problem, we are your go to company! Atlas Piers is your premier provider of foundation repair in Columbia South Carolina.

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