Foundation Repair Contractor Reviews in Atlanta

Foundation Repair Contractor Reviews in Atlanta

There are many foundation repair companies in Atlanta.  Some state they have 20 years of experience, others say 20 years in business, and some don’t say how long they have been around at How do you know who you can trust, who has been around, and what the prospects are for the business to be around to warranty their work?  Great questions and one that is not that easy to answer. Foundation repair contractor reviews in Atlanta is almost necessary.

Foundation repair contractor reviews in Atlanta When Atlas Piers of Atlanta was incorporated in 1989 there were 3 other piering companies in Atlanta.  Those other companies are no longer in business.  This model has happened year after year.  In just the past 3 years we have seen one long time company go out of business after the death of the owner, one national company leave Atlanta for business reasons, and a recognizable modular wall company who installed piers fold shop.  What happens to these warranties?

Earlier this year I had the chance (for the 2nd time in a week) to try to explain how a warranty works (or doesn’t work) when a foundation repair company goes out of business.  This was a company that had given a 10 year warranty on the products they installed 3 years ago.  Unfortunately, the company went bankrupt and closed the doors.  Now the warranties are void and the homeowner, who was selling his home, was left to install another set of foundation piers in order to sell his home.  The previous companies piers seemed to be doing their job, but unfortunately with no warranty the buyers didn’t want to take the chance.

Carefully read about each foundation repair company.  Do your research on Better Business Bureau, Kudzu and other review sites to find out about each company.  Many companies are “old” companies that have just gotten in to piering, while other companies are very “young” but have experienced people.  What does 20 years in business, 20 years experience, and we’ve been around for 20 years really mean.  There is one local company that tells people they have “been around” for 20 years.  The company they work for is less than 10 years old and the previous company (or two) they worked for/owned went bankrupt.

Foundation repair contractor reviews in Atlanta Also be careful of companies who make their own piers.  Generally you can get a better price because there is no markup, but then there is generally a lack of quality control and you have increased your risk.  If something were to go wrong then having a company AND a manufacturer helps the homeowner, but if they are one and the same you have no where to turn (think of buying a car – if the dealership won’t help then the car manufacturer may – but if the dealer is the manufacturer – well you see the point).