Commercial Foundation Repair in Franklin Tennessee

Older, more historic buildings can develop various common problems. They have older foundations, made out of cinder blocks, or other older concrete materials. In the spring, Tennessee sees quite a bit of rain. Unbeknownst to most business owners, the rainwater can pool around your foundation and put pressure on those foundation walls. Cracks can appear, walls will begin to lean and bow in, and foundation failure seems imminent. The great news is your commercial foundation repair Franklin Tennessee team at Atlas Piers of Atlanta can handle these repairs before it becomes failure.

Common problems experienced in Franklin homes and businesses may include:

Foundation Repair in Franklin TN

We also offer underpinning options for bowing and leaning walls. Wall anchors add support, are minimally evasive and are a permanent solution to your bowing wall problems. We can also utilize carbon fiber and in an earth friendly way add support to your walls for years and years to come. Along with these solutions, Atlas Piers does foundation repair in Franklin, TN. As we create a solution for your needed repairs, we always include the very best products on the market made by Earth Contact Products (ECP). A staple in the underpinning of your foundation is the use of helical piers and steel push piers. Both of these are placed in the ground until they meet with soil that is more stable and can take the weight of the structure. We transfer the weight to the multiple piers so that the soil is not the only thing holding your foundation. These are permanent and can be done most anytime of the year.  Rest assured that we can make the foundation repairs in Franklin, TN, that will make your business safe and help it keep its value.

Regardless of the problem we have a solution. So when you see those bowing walls, don’t worry, call Atlas Piers of Atlanta and we will have you fixed up in no time flat. We have you covered, Franklin!

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