Commercial Foundation Repair in Huntsville Alabama

Atlas Piers of Atlanta provides quality foundation repair and crawlspace encapsulation services to the home and business owners in Huntsville, Alabama. Since severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, and sometimes even hail are pretty common in Huntsville, Alabama, it is also pretty common to have foundation failure. Huntsville is part of Dixie Valley, an area where it is common to get tornadoes. Such conditions cause foundation issues such as bowing walls, cracking basement walls and floors, and leaning chimneys. Fortunately, Atlas Piers is your team of professional foundation repairs. Commercial foundation repair Huntsville Alabama is what Atlas Piers is around for, all your foundation repair needs can be easily fixed by Atlas Piers’ team of professionals. You have no reason to worry with Atlas Piers around.

Commercial Foundation Repair in Huntsville AL

If you happen to catch any foundation failure signs, you might feel the need to panic. However there is really no reason to be too worried. Just a call away is a great foundation repair team with years of experience in underpinning, mudjacking, shoring, carbon fiber repair, hardscaping, and all other forms of foundation repair. As a business owner, you watch for the signs, all you need to do is call us and we’ll come and do our job as quickly and efficiently as possible. Watch for these signs of foundation failure and settlement:

Doors and windows that stick
Cracks in walls, floors, slabs, drywall, garage columns
Leaning and bowing walls
Leaning chimneys
■Cabinets that won’t open right
■Water stains on walls and floors
■Exterior foundation cracks

Foundation Repair Huntsville AL, Foundation Repair Huntsville, Alabama

When and if you notice these signs in your Huntsville business, don’t worry for a second, just pick up the phone and call us at Atlas Piers. There is no reason to wait on foundation repairs and since your company is your biggest investment, its an even greater reason to call us as soon as you find any problem. We plan on helping you keep your business’ foundation in great shape. This will keep the value of your building up and you and your customers safe.

Crawlspace Encapsulation and Repair in Huntsville, Alabama

We offer wall encapsulation services to keep moisture out of your crawlspace. This method involves installing a vapor barrier  inside the crawlspace to seal out moisture by preventing the permeation of water vapor. Moisture in your crawlspace can cause issues such as mold growth, wood rot, metal rust, wet insulation, and high humidity; we can keep these problems at bay with our professional encapsulation services. Another crawlspace repair service we offer is crawlspace underpinning. This helps stabilize and support your foundation to keep the entire home safe. Here at Atlas Piers, we provide professional solutions for any problems that you may have with your crawlspace.Crawlspace Encapsulation and Repair in Huntsville, Alabama

So no matter what solution is needed, Atlas Piers can help you with foundation repair in Huntsville, AL. As we draft a solution for your foundation needs, we always include Earth Contact Products (EPC). They are known for having the best products in the industry. Our plan could be installing helical piers that are “screwed” into the better soils to lift your foundation, or using carbon fiber to cover a wall that is bowing and leaning in your basement. Maybe you have a concrete slab that needs lifting and a void filled below it. We can use the piers to lift it up and to provide the needed support.  No matter what problem you may have, we have you covered. Call Atlas Piers of Atlanta, your commercial foundation repair Huntsville Alabama team.

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