Foundation Repair Options from Atlas Piers in the Birmingham Alabama Area

Foundation Repair Birmingham AL

A faulty foundation is usually caused by movement in the soil under and around your home. When the temperature and moisture levels in the soil change, it’s likely to sink and shift due to poor compaction. Foundation problems create a serious threat to your home and safety. Structural or water damage can dramatically decrease the value of your home, and create a health concern for you and your family. Luckily, here at Atlas Piers Foundation Repair, we offer a wide variety of foundation repair Birmingham solutions.

Ignoring a foundation problem or attempting to solve it your self is a bad idea. The longer foundation issues go unattended, the worse the problem becomes. It is vital to contact a foundation repair expert right away. The professionals at Atlas are more than happy to come assess your situation and provide you with the best foundation repair Birmingham AL solution.

Foundation Repair Birmingham Options

When looking to stabilize and support your walls or foundation, there is a multitude of options. Commonly, underpinning solutions are required to permanently repair the foundation and prevent any future problems. When looking to see if foundation repair Birmingham is necessary, keep an eye out for several common indicators. Typically, foundation issues cause bowing and cracked walls, sticking windows and doors, foundation cracks, garage and slab cracks, and leaning chimneys. If you are unsure, contact an expert from Atlas Piers to come assess your situation.

We offer a wide variety of underpinning solutions. Helical Piers are a common way to stabilize your foundation without much disturbance to the job site. They take the strain off of the foundation and transfer it to a more stable place deeper in the earth. Conversely,  helical tiebacks are used to straighten and support bowing walls. They are screwed into the ground to support the weight of your foundation walls. Steel Push piers are another economical underpinning solution. Several push piers are installed to prevent a singular pier from holding all the weight.

If you’re looking to solve cracks in your garage or slab, we install helical slab piers. Through the use of a “bracket,” this cost effective solution completely repairs the problem and prevents future damage.

Here at Atlas Piers Foundation Repair, we use only the “very best” products for waterproofing and foundation repair. Our equipment is high quality and guaranteed to last. If you are ever faced with a foundation issue, don’t hesitate to call one of our experts. We will be more than happy to come check out the situation, give you an estimate, and provide you with the best foundation repair Birmingham solution. Contact us today for more information!