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May 06, 2013
Atlas Piers of Atlanta did the foundation repair in my house. My house was cracking in half and the foundation was needing to be repaired. They fixed the concrete and the bricks and you can’t even tell it was cracked.They did a great job. They were thorough and trustworthy. I would recommend their services and I would use them again in the future.

February 21, 2013
No work was preformed as of yet.. may not have to have any due to Mr. Farris HONESTY. Mr. Wayne Farris came to our home and did an inspection and referred us  to another company to come out and do a soil test.   We have done that, but in the mean time Mr. Farris never charged us a dime to come out to refer us to someone else. He was very professional and explained things to us that we could understand.  Once we get our soil test report  back  telling us what we need to do and if it involves any foundation work we will call Mr. Farris back to do the work.  He was upfront  and I can’t remember meeting such an honest man like he is in a very long time.

– Thank you for your honesty .. Suzanne Clow

March 14, 2012
Installed piers to shore up tilted chimney foundation which lead to masonry crack and slight chimney lean. Atlas brought in a structural engineer to assess the situation and recommend a solution.  Crew came and installed piers, jacked the foundation, cleaned up in a single day.  Their contractor ground out and re-pointed the affected mortar joints the following week.The job was done right and they cleaned up behind themselves.  No complaints, very professional, transferable warranty.  Would not hesitate to recommend.

July 12, 2012
I asked Atlas Piers for an inspection. Mr. Chad Costello returned my call and performed the inspection visit. Once Chad and I introduced ourselves, we went to the problem area of my house, a rear corner that I thought had a sinking foundation. I described what I thought was happening – erosion – and Chad latched onto the real problem in just a few minutes of inspection. The foundation wasn’t sinking, just a section of the brick veneer was. The bricks didn’t seem to be sitting squarely on a footing and had sunk about an inch. This was a big relief since another company had made an expensive quote just 5 days prior to Chad’s visit. He gave me a fella’s name and phone number who he was sure could lift the bricks, tighten the open mortar joints, for a good deal less. I still need to get the appropriate job-quote, but at least I will be repairing the right problem. That was close. This goes to show everybody: Get multiple quotes!

February 14, 2012
They installed piers to raise the foundation in my home. The experience was good. They were friendly, and had a good price. They did an excellent job on the work.

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May 1, 2013
From the moment I met this team, their experience and integrity shined through. On our project, they did a great job!! It was done right, on-time, and under budget. I would absolutely use them again!

– Atlas Piers is a ‘stand up’ company!

May 1, 2013
We thoroughly researched companies, checked refs &researched options for what our job required. Atlas proposed the best solution and value, and did outstanding work for foundation piers under our garage.

– Did GREAT work!

March 21, 2013
We recently had Atlas Piers work on our foundation. We couldn’t be happier with this company. Wayne Farris, President of the company, personally came to our home and prepared a proposal that included using resistance piers as a solution to the cracking occurring both inside and outside of our home. The crew was professional and obviously very experienced with installing the piers. They were also very punctual, friendly and easy to communicate with. The office staff was helpful throughout the process. We hated to have to have this work done, but feel very confident that we made the right choice in having Atlas Piers complete it for us.

– Honest, Hardworking Team

March 20, 2013
Atlas lifted and supported my house with a series of seven piers. This happened before we bought our house, which we’ve now lived in for more than a decade. There are no cracks in any of our walls. Quite simply, the Atlas piers fixed any support problems the building had after it was originally constructed. However, I am now selling my house. I understand people get naturally frightened when they hear that there are support structures under a home. I am also not an engineer. So my realtor called Atlas Piers to make sure that he understood exactly what had been done so that we can properly disclose and represent the work to prospective buyers who want reassurance. Remember, I was not the original customer. Yet the president of the company pulled up the file for my house, drove out to meet us, and then explained exactly why the supports we have in place were first put there, how they work, and why we know they’ve been doing their job for all these years. And he didn’t charge us anything for the visit or to write a letter for possible buyers so that they, too, will understand exactly what Atlas did and why. (The work is still under warranty for many more years to come!) That is GREAT customer service that shows a long term commitment to one’s work. Not only have the piers done their job, the people who put them in place have stood firmly behind them. I would happily recommend this company for this type of work.

– Long Term Service

December 07, 2012
Atlas Piers came to our house for garage wall cracks and cracks on the other side of the house. They determined that piers would solve the settling issue we had in our garage. The other side did not appear to have a settling issue. Wayne recommended another company to do soil testing to confirm that we were on firm ground. The other company did inexpensive testing and confirmed that there was not problem with the foundation or soil. We also have a header issue in the garage which Wayne was able to provide another referral to have that fixed. They were always on-time, very professional, and thoroughly explained everything. Very pleased and would highly recommend.

– Professional, Knowledgeable, Prompt and Thorough

October 29, 2012
Wayne Farris was kind enough to let me schedule an appointment later than the cut off time on Oct 23. He was at my house early and was very receptive to my concerns. He gave me several alternatives & advised me as if I was his own family. He did not try to sway me & was patient & professional. I will not hesitate to call them when I’m ready to proceed. Kennesaw

– Excellent Customer Service & Knowledge

April 06, 2012
If a business is only as good as its employees, then Atlas Piers is the best. Our geotechnical engineer referred us to Atlas Piers to support a rock wall that was undermined by the neighborhood pond. Jonathan, their systems engineer, had a great attitude, was always available to answer questions, and even worked to make the cost affordable. Butch, the crew chief, and his team were amazing to watch, walking bulky equipment down a steep hill and putting the piers solidly in place. They did what they promised for the price quoted and made the project go smoothly. We definitely recommend Atlas Piers for their professionalism and quality.

– Real Pros

January 23, 2012
Johnathan with Atlas came out for what I thought would be quoting us to add piers and lift our house. Rather than just comparing our house to a typical lift, he investigated the footings, posts, and damage patterns. It turns out that we don’t need to lift our foundation, but rather to replace 2 posts that were installed incorrectly. He told me we don’t need his company at all, and recommended 2 companies that could perform the work we needed. I would likely have agreed to a lift and still had the real problem if he hadnt identified it for us. We probably saved 4-5 thousand dollars. Thanks Johnathan and Atlas!

– Found the real problem

July 8, 2011
We hired Atlas Piers to repair our house’s foundation. One side of the house had been slowly sinking into the ground and the bricks had separated from several windows at least 1 to 2 inches, leaving gaping holes between the window frame and bricks. The companies who gave us bids all said they could stabilize the house but only Atlas Piers said it could bring the windows and bricks back together. Although I doubted the house would ever look the same again, Chad, Atlas Piers’ VP, gave me hope this was possible and agreed to lower his price to meet the price of the closest competitor. Once the work began, additional structural problems were discovered. This is where Atlas’s expertise really came into play. I doubt there is another company that would have made the effort Atlas did to get the work done as least costly as possible. The easiest solution would have been to force the supplemental footing, which would have been more expensive. Through experience and expertise, Atlas found a better more cost effective way. Not only has the house been stabilized but it looks almost exactly as it did before it began to “come apart.” I highly recommend Atlas. They are extremely competent and very honest. They seemed genuinely concerned about my house, kept me informed about what needed to be done and quickly accommodated various requests about the work’s scheduling. In the end, I felt like I had hired the best and a very special company.

– I thought it couldn’t be done but Atlas did it

February 18, 2011
I contracted with Atlas to repair a foundation that settled. This was the smoothest transaction I have ever seen. The work was done exactly as stated and in the time frame given. I live quite a distance away and did not see the work done. Friends of mine followed up and were extremely pleased with the quality and speed of the work. It is very encouraging to me to know that this company manifests such diligence and integrity when no one is looking. I highly recommend Atlas Piers. Many thanks to Jonathan, Susan and Karen for their open communication and following up on matters pertaining to this work. 2 years after the above work was completed my tenant claimed that backfill was needed where piers were placed. I called Atlas to discuss. Atlas went to the job site and confirmed that a downspout too close to the house caused some dirt to wash away. Atlas provided pics and video to confirm that the quality of work they performed was exceptional and enduring. Many thanks to Wayne, Susan and Karen once again. No other provider of this type of work is needed other than Atlas.

– The Best I’ve Ever Dealt With

January 22, 2011
I had a foundation problem in one of my rental properties and Atlas Piers got the job done. They were professional and had great customer service (they came back to make an adjustment with no additional charge).

– Got the job done!

November 1, 2011
This was the second time we used Atlas Piers. The second was just as great as the first. Both jobs were done exactly as promised and ultimately became a very effective way of stabilizing the problem areas of our home. The first time we used them to stabilize the foundation on a corner of our home that was problematic due to its proximity to a water source-this included a chimney. The second time we used them in a different home to underpin a chimney that was unstable (also due to water & poor drainage issues). Both times the jobs were done with professionalism from the original quote till the finish. The clean up was thorough also. I really hope we never have an occasion to use them again but if we do, they will be the only company we call. They do amazing work!!! Very pleased.

– Stable Stack

August 4, 2011
I met Jonathan a sales and system engineer for Atlas Piers yesterday to do an estimate for a foundation job for one of my clients and before he was finished I was completely impressed with his honesty, integrity and competency. Jonathan made this an easy choice. I would highly recommend them to all.

– Integrity and Competency

July 11, 2010
We had several companies assess a foundation problem that we had at our home. We found that Atlas Piers was the most scientific in their approach to the problem. The opinions received from various other companies only focused on what could be seen. Atlas Piers took the extra step to investigate the unseen. Not only did they inform me of the role that they could play in fixing the problem, but informed me about an additional problem that another specialist would need to address. Their work was professional and timely and I did not find that their charges were out of line based on other estimates received. I chose them because of their approach in investigating the problem and the fact that piers is their only specialty. I am thankful that I found them.

– Professional, timely, and effective

July 2, 2010
My house had settled and the walls inside were cracking along with large cracks going up the side of the brick on the house. Atlas Piers of Atlanta came out, and did a professional assessment. I was very impressed with their employees. They provided the structural foundational support for the house including metal steel support beams in the basement, additional foundation support walls in the basement, and then installed six foundation piers that lifted the whole house 2 1/2 inches. They did what they said they would do at a very reasonable price. Also the foundation repair has a fifteen year warranty. I would highly recommend anyone who needs a foundation support project done on their house call Atlas Piers of Atlanta. They are honest, professional, and deliver a high value product.

– Great Service & Great Value

June 30, 2010
Years ago when I became a realtor in North Atlanta, I asked around of my associates to find their recommendations for the best service providers in many different categories. Atlas Piers was always mentioned as a “top drawer organization” in their service category. Many years later I’m now that realtor that always educates new realtors about Atlas Piers. They have integrity and knowledge, work smart and hard, and are reliable. Their finished product is one that consistently adds value to my clients’ homes as well as peace of mind for the owners. I highly recommend them and have even recommended them to close family members, where once again the end result was total satisfaction.

– Top Drawer Organization

June 28, 2010
From the initial estimate visit when everything was thoroughly evaluated and explained down to the finished product, our experience with Atlas was very professional and pleasant. This is a quality company with wonderful values that show up in every person we had contact with. We had three piers installed to support a center garage beam that was inadequately constructed by a local home builder several years ago. And while we were not thrilled to be paying for the repair ourselves, working with Atlas made the process much more pleasant than I ever expected. We had a couple other quotes from other companies, but Atlas’ reputation preceded them, and with good reason. I highly recommend this company!

– Honest, Friendly and Quality Work

June 28, 2010
I don’t think I have ever worked with a more professional company. They were quick to respond, very professional, friendly by phone, in person and through email and they always showed-up when they said they would. Their original price quote was above that of another comparable company, but they wanted my business and they dropped their price. I highly recommend them.

– Outstanding Company

June 27, 2010
I had a lot of foundation repair work done on my house in April 2010. The crew, crew foreman, and the people at Atlas Piers were great to work with. Anytime I had a question they responded immediately. I highly recommend them.

– Great Service and Great People

June 26, 2010
The first time I called Atlas they recommended I not do anything at the current time, which really impressed me as other contractors were trying to push various solutions. 18 months later a structural engineer referred me back to Atlas. They were awesome, from specing out the work, ensuring we understood the options to the execution of the repairs… completely painless. Would definitely recommend and would do business with again.

– Awesome contractor

June 26, 2010
Atlas installed piers to raise my brick front porch which had slowly been pulling away from the front of our house. They raised and stabilized it and neatly filled the small space left with mortar. They did such a good job with the mortar that I let them fill all the mortar that had fallen out over the years on my steps.

– Great expertise and response time

June 25, 2010
A structural engineer recommended Atlas to stabilize various foundation weaknesses. Atlas was extremely prompt at our initial meeting, understanding in pricing, and did an outstanding job in execution. Couldn’t be happier with the outcome!

– A Great Experience

June 25, 2010
We had our sinking porch raised and stabilized and Atlas did an excellent job. They were very professional and did quality work.

– Very professional

June 24, 2010
One of the most professional companies we’ve had come work on our home. They are very friendly, excellent customer service, prompt, and best of all, they did the job right the first time. Even today while out for a walk and coming home my wife said “they did an awesome job…”. You won’t go wrong with Atlas Piers!

– Great Support

June 11, 2010
A very large tree fell on my house and it needed to be lifted to it’s original location. I contacted Atlas and the engineer that came to my home was very professional. The job was completed on time and the landscaping was replaced. I would use Atlas Piers again!

– Very Professional

June 9, 2010
I never dreamed I could have the extensive work I needed to have done on my chimney with so little ease. Atlas Piers came in quickly, did a fantastic job, cleaned up everything, and were finished with the job exactly like they said they would. The workers were kind and courteous and very professional. I have passed their name on to several friends in the last few months.

– A Name You Can Trust!!!!!

June 9, 2010
I used Atlas after getting proposals from 5 different companies. They were the least expensive, by a long way, and the most professional. They went out of their way to explain everything that they were doing in great detail. I can not recommend a company any more than I would Atlas Piers.

– best service and follow up

June 8, 2010
A Fast Service Company This company take every good care of there customers. The people the in the office are fantastic. I beleive that it is because they put GOD in their work place! Thank you, Atlas Piers. A customer forever, Rudy Mendias.


June 8, 2010
Although I hope to never need Atlas’ services again, I can say that since being in ATL area since 2003,they have hands down been THE BEST company I have dealt with. I recommend them and would use them again w/o hesitation.

– On point.

June 8th, 2010
I did my research and this company was not only the best in customer service they were the able to schedule us in at the last minute. The work they did was quality work and they explained everything along the way so you understood what they were doing and why. I highly recommend this company to anyone.

– Top Notch

June 8, 2010
Atlas Piers repaired the foundation on our 22 year old home that our builder forgot to put any foundation under a portion of the wall. Atlas Piers came out an did an estimate of the work and gave me a price and when the work would be completed. We ended up with a much bigger scope of work but the work was accomplished and the completed with only slight delay. The work was done competently and I am very satisfied with the quality of the work and the professionalism of the workers.

– Quality Work and great people

June 8, 2010
They did a great job, they stuck to what we agreed and were on time. One thing make sure estimate is a fix price or at least caped, that way I saved quite some money. Stefan.

– Great company !!

June 8, 2010
Atlas Piers gave us complete peace of mind. Our house was just started to show signs of sinking when they raised our home and made it secure. Later when adding an addition to our home Atlas Pies came out to confirm our new room would be supported by our pier system. When I need a foundation for my deck that was sinking they referred me to someone who did an excellent job for us and with less cost. We will always use Atlas Piers because of the quality of their work and product.

– Peace of Mind

June 7, 2010
Atlas Piers installed 6 foundation piers on my house. The estimate was accurate. Both the estimator and the installers arrived on time. The work was completed on time and promptly. The estimator and installers were friendly and professional. The quality of the work was excellent. My foundation problems were solved by the piers and I have had no additional foundation issues. I consider the price paid for the work to be an excellent value.

– Terrific Job and Service

June 7, 2010
Atlas Piers is a very professional company. We HAD a settling garage slab and brick column that was not attached to the floor anymore. They installed a pier under the column, and they did a perfect job. They were there when they said they would be and their pricing was just as they had said it would be. These guys are professional and very easy to work with. I would recommend them to anyone!


May 28, 2010
I HAD a settling garage slab and had atlas install 3 piers in my garage and 1 at a brick column, they did a perfect job and worked well with my schedule .These guys are real pros and easy to work with I would recommend them to anyone.

– better than expected

May 26, 2010
The people with Atlas Piers have been fantastic to work with every step of the way. From my first visit with them to currently when I see one of their team on the street – professionalism and trust are the two words that come to mind.

– Professional and Trustworthy

March 2, 2010
Had a very good experience with Atlas. I had some settling that was going on and their representative told me that it didn’t appear to be too big a problem. But he told me how to keep checking it and gave me a quote as to what it would be if it continued to get worse. Great job!

– Great Service – Told me to do nothing

January 27, 2010
A very quality conscious organization that exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend Chad, Butch and the ‘team’.

– Great Company!!!!

February 2, 2008
Foundation problems will keep you up at night! After considering several options and repair companies we chose Atlas and we have absolutely no regrets. Atlas stabilized our garage with piers. They did an excellent job, on time and on budget.

– Worries Are Over