How the Time of Year Affects Foundation Repair

When you notice that your foundation needs to be repaired, you may wonder when the best time of year is to make the repairs. Foundation repair is a big project, and one of the main causes of foundation damage is the expanding and contracting of soil due to humidity and weather conditions. For this reason, the time of year can have a big impact on the efficiency and timing of the repairs. Here’s a look at what you need to consider based on the different seasons of the year.


Winter spans the months between December and February. Most people don’t think of making repairs at this time of year. There are many reasons, including the holiday season, the fact that people are not outside as much and don’t notice that the repairs need to be made, and the idea that it’s simply cold for contractors to be outside.

However, winter can actually be the best time to make foundation repairs. The low humidity and stable weather provide ideal conditions for this type of work.


During the spring, between March and May, homeowners start going outside more and this is the season when many people realize that a foundation crack has occurred during the winter. For this reason, many people schedule their foundation repairs during this season. However, because of heavy spring rainfall and sloppy mud around the foundation, this may not be the best time to do repairs.


Many people have vacation plans during the summer months of June through August, and because of that, they don’t want to get involved in a long, expensive repair project. Due to the high rainfall in many places, summer is also the season when a lot of foundation damage occurs. Because of the settling that happens during this time of year, you may want to wait until later in the year to schedule your foundation repair. A foundation repair specialist can let you know if summer is a good time for your repair.


In some areas, summer weather bleeds into the fall months of September through November. There may still be hot weather, but the precipitation is usually not as high, so this may also be a good time to consider having your foundation repaired.

The Best Season May Be Now

Regardless of the season, it may be tempting to put off making your foundation repairs. Waiting for a certain time of year can sometimes seem like the best idea, but as you wait, the soil will continue to expand and contract around the damage, and that can make matters worse. In a lot of cases, the cracks and damage may be so bad that the best thing to do is get the repairs done immediately, and during most seasons especially in the Atlanta area, there are nice days that are perfect for foundation repairs.

To decide when and if you need a repair, it is always best to seek the advice of a certified foundation crack repair specialist. At Atlas Piers, we repair foundations for both commercial and residential properties, and we can help you. To set up an appointment, contact us today.