Product Highlights: Helical Tiebacks and Helical Piles

What are helical tiebacks and piles?

Helical tiebacks and piles are steel rods inserted around your home to help correct foundation issues. A helical tieback is a metal rod inserted through your wall and into the soil behind your foundation. These tiebacks can assist in distributing weight more evenly, easing pressure on your walls and creating a more stable foundation. Helical piles are very similar to tiebacks and are often used in underpinning in both commercial and residential buildings. Helical piles offer a quick installation with little disturbance to your home and yard. helical tiebacks atlanta Helical piles are ideal in many foundation repair jobs because they can be installed in active soil and in any weather. Both tiebacks and piles provide stability, even as soil shifts or expands.

Helical piers and piles are a simple fix to a serious problem. Instead of letting the cracks in your walls worse, or waiting around for your bowing wall to collapse, consider having Atlas Piers install helical piers or piles. These sturdy anchors will not hurt your walls, and they will be well worth it in the long run.

Atlas Piers offers helical tiebacks and piles that are top quality ECP products, proven to work for a wide variety of foundation problems. They are made of steel and specially designed to bear heavy loads. Helical tiebacks and piles can be installed in any weather and are ideal for any home or business.

When would helical tiebacks and piles be utilized in Atlanta?

Homeowners often wonder how serious their foundation problems truly are. After all, how can a crack in your basement wall mean that you need helical tiebacks? Can’t you simply fill the crack? Sadly, many homeowners try to fix these foundation problems themselves and end up simply masking the underlying issue – an unstable foundation.

Helical tiebacks and piles are used in many different scenarios, making them incredibly versatile and dependable. You may need helical tiebacks or piles in your home and not even know about it. If you’ve noticed any of these signs, you may be in need of a tieback or pile installation:

  • Bowing, Leaning, or Cracked Walls. You may notice some cracks beginning to form in your basement, or maybe you have an entire wall that is bowing at the middle. This means that there is too much pressure on your wall. This pressure is most often caused by the soil outside your foundation compressing and expanding, causing your walls to be pushed in and crack. Helical tiebacks can be installed to more evenly distribute the pressure on your walls. cracked walls atlanta
  • Sticking Doors and Windows. Though it may be easy to write these problems off as a minor inconvenience, sticking doors and windows almost always point to a more significant problem in your home’s structure. When the soil beneath your home’s foundation begins to settle, the entire slab can shift, causing doors and windows to stick. Sticking doors and windows are also a possible sign of extra humidity in your home, which may be cause by cracks in your floors that allow in excess moisture.
  • Water in your Basement or Crawlspace. Nobody likes a flooded basement. Water in your basement or crawlspace is a key indicator that you need foundation repair. Water comes in through cracks in your walls and floor and can cause mold growth and property damage. Helical tiebacks and piles can be inserted through cracked walls to help ease the pressure on the walls, reducing cracking and water flow into your home.
  • Excess Water Pooling Near Home. After heavy rains, if your home doesn’t have adequate gutters that lead water away from your home, water may end up pooling directly on top of your home’s foundation. Moist soil can expand and add pressure to your walls, and it can also lead to cracks and other problems for your foundation. Installing helical piles or tiebacks can help strengthen your wall as you better waterproof your home.

Repairing the foundation of your Atlanta home can be daunting. Helical tiebacks and piles can simplify the process without sacrificing the durability and stability that helical tiebacks offer. If you think you might be in need of our ECP helical tieback installation, give us a call today.