Slab Cracks in Atlanta, Georgia

It is always unsettling to discover cracks in your home, particularly in the foundation. Because the foundation has the important job of supporting the weight of the entire structure, it is vital that it be kept healthy and secure. If there are cracks in your slab foundation, it may compromise the structural integrity of the structure as a whole. Slab cracks are common in many different types of slabs, from home foundations, to garage foundations, to driveways, to parking lots. No matter what type of slab cracks you are dealing with, Atlas Piers can provide you with a reliable and efficient repair solution to have your slab back to normal in no time.

Slab cracks are normally caused by a shifting of the soil beneath your home. There are many different factors that can cause soil movement beneath your home, including:

  • Erosion: When excess rainwater or snowmelt washes away the soil beneath your home, voids are formed under the slab. The foundation will then settle into these voids, as it is no longer adequately supported by the soil underneath. 
  • Soil Shrinkage: The same type of voids can be formed during extremely dry, drought-like conditions. The soil shrinks due to the lack of moisture and falls away, creating voids and spaces that lead to settlement and crack formation.
  • Poor Compaction: If the soil under the slab was not properly compacted at the time the foundation was constructed, it may settle over time. This soil settlement can cause the slab above to settle and crack as well.
  • Vegetation: When large shrubs or trees are planted near the foundation, the roots can push against the foundation in their search for water, causing the slab to shift and crack. This is especially common during dry spells.
  • Hydrostatic Pressure: As the ground around the slab absorbs more water, the hydrostatic pressure in the soil will increase. This pressure pushes on the slab, causing it to shift and crack.

These are just a few causes of slab cracks in Atlanta, Georgia. It is important to regularly examine your foundation for cracks to keep the entire structure safe and healthy. Cracked slabs can result in several other problems, such as water leakage, pest infestation, or further structural damage. If you discover a cracked slab in your home or business, call the foundation repair contractors at Atlas Pier immediately to find the perfect solution.

Slab Crack Repair in Atlanta, Georgia

Slab Crack Solutionsn from Atlas Piers in Atlanta, Georgia There are a few different methods to repair slab cracks. Depending on what caused the cracking slab, you can install slab piers to support and lift the foundation. Helical slab piers are screwed into the ground under the slab until they reach load bearing soils. The weight of the structure is then transferred onto the piers. This takes pressure off of the cracked slab, lifting it to the proper position and closing the cracks. Slab piers can not only help close any cracks that may have developed, but they can also help lift and stabilize sinking or settling slabs.

If you are in need of a solution for your cracked slab, come to Atlas Piers. Our expert team is able to provide you with the best solutions for cracked slabs in Atlanta and the surrounding areas. We offer solutions for both commercial and residential projects. Contact us today for more information on our slab crack repair options.