4 Qualities of Great Foundation Repair Contractors

Do you want to have the foundations of your home repaired? You need to find a reliable foundation repair contractor in Detroit. There are many contractors in the market. Learning the good qualities to look for in a repair contractor will help you distinguish between a bad and a good contractor. The following are the three qualities to look out for:

Do you have a home that needs its foundation repaired? If so, you’ll want to hire a foundation repair contractor that knows what they’re doing and provides satisfactory results. To do so, you need to know what the qualities of a great foundation repair contractor are, which we’ve outlined below.


What Makes a Great Foundation Repair Contractor?


Whenever there’s a project of this magnitude, you want to have someone with skill and knowledge of the project on hand. The foundation is one of the most important parts of a home—errors in construction or repair can have devastating effects—so it’s pertinent that the person handling its repair is a subject matter expert who won’t make mistakes. You’ll want to ensure that your contractor has the proper amount of experience to handle your needs.

When selecting a foundation repair contractor, make sure you ask about their experience level and their portfolio, if they have one. Don’t be afraid to get verification of their experience by inquiring with any references available.


There isn’t one specific way to repair a foundation, and this is because different foundations have different requirements for their repair. Because of this, it’s necessary to hire a contractor that can provide numerous ways to repair the foundation, in the event one way doesn’t work.

Make sure you look out for foundation repair contractors that try to force one way of doing things on you. Foundations can vary greatly in their needs, so you don’t want to hire a contractor that isn’t going to make the best decision for your home, long term. Consult with a few different contractors to see what options you have, then select the contractor that provides solutions that work best for your needs.



Repairing a foundation is never cheap, but it’s necessary. When making an investment of such magnitude it’s important to know that you have a warranty in place to assure the results last. When a contractor provides a warranty, it’s a symbol of their confidence in their work; they believe that their services were executed so well, that there’s no chance it may fall apart, and if it does, they’ll fix again at no charge.

Always ask if your foundation repair comes with a warranty, and if it does, be sure to check the terms of it to ensure that you’re not missing anything. You’ll want to know if the warranty is transferable, in the event that you decide to sell the house.


When something as valuable as a home or commercial space is being repaired, it’s important to know all of the details surrounding the project. You need to know exactly what’s wrong with the foundation, the costs to repair it, and how to prevent any issues in the future. Dealing with a contractor who hides important information or give vague explanations can be frustrating and end up costing you more in the future.

Get an inspection from multiple contractors if you feel like you need a second opinion on your home’s foundation. Always ask as many questions as you feel are necessary during the visit and during the job. Never feel like you have to bite your tongue when it comes to repairing something so important.


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