5 Questions You Should Ask Foundation Repair Companies Before Contracting

With so many options when it comes to foundation repair companies, it can be tough to figure out which one is best equipped to serve you. There are many foundation repair contractors out there that may not be qualified to properly inspect and treat your home, and it’s important to weed them out.

Thankfully, Atlas Piers, one of the most-trusted foundation repair companies in Georgia, knows exactly what it takes to properly serve customers, and we’re here to help. When it comes to selecting the correct foundation repair company, there are a few questions you can ask a potential servicer to get a better idea of their qualifications:


1) Are independent Certified Professional Engineer reports included in pricing?

The only time the quality of a foundation repair can be assured is if a third-party Professional Engineer visits your home before repairs begin. Independent engineering evaluations of planned foundation jobs are certified by the state. Furthermore, an after-job visit and report filed by a Professional Engineer is the only way to verify that the foundation repair company has provided quality service for your home. Atlas Piers always recommends the most-reputable engineers to our clients, ensuring exceptional work.


2) Are you Insured and Bonded for foundation repair?

Don’t feel too shy to ask if you are protected in the event that your contract displays negligent or dishonest behavior while on the job; always ask for copies of their Insurance Certificate of Liability and their Dishonesty Bond policy. Reputable, honest foundation repair companies will readily provide proof of coverage and should never hesitate to disclose the information. Make sure that you call and verify their coverage is valid and avoid any foundation repair companies that hold back this documentation.


3) Do you carry Georgia Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

As a homeowner, you may be liable if someone is injured while working on your property. Their medical costs—as well as any other expenses they may claim—may end up being your responsibility in the case that the contractor does not have Workman’s Compensation Insurance. You must ask for proof of WCI, which is usually found in the Insurance Certificate of Liability. Legitimate foundation repair companies pay a lot for Workman’s Compensation Insurance, so they will be more than happy to show you proof of it. Always verify with a foundation repair contractor before booking them.


4) Do you provide a “Lifetime Transferable Warranty”?

The best foundation repair companies provide a “Lifetime Transferable Warranty” on piers. Pilings of concrete and steel should be warrantied, for the life of the home. Limited warranties should be avoided, and prorated warranties will translate to more costs later on.


5) Do your company’s warranty define foundation “settlement”?

Different contractors use different measurements to gauge whether or not foundation settling has occurred. One thing remains the same, it’s all based on any changes in elevation within a horizontal span. Always be sure to ask if the warranty for contract work defines what foundation “settlement” is.


Choose the right Foundation Repair Company, Today

Selecting the right foundation repair company can seem challenging when there are so many to choose from. However, there are ways to find out if a company is a good match for what you need. Atlas Piers has served hundreds of customers seeking affordable, efficient foundation repairs in Georgia, and can surely help you with any foundation repair needs you have. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you.