Buying a Home with Foundation Issues

What to Look for in a Foundation when Buying a Home

When purchasing a home it is of the utmost importance that you, the buyer, are aware of of the signs of foundation damage.  It is every homeowners nightmare to buy a home only to find that it needs thousands of dollars in repair. The more educated you are, the less surprised you will be.  Two of the biggest warning signs of foundation damage are bowing and leaning walls.  These should be easy to spot when you are touring a new home.  Bowed basement walls are caused by expansive soils on the exterior of the walls. Cracks in walls are also an extremely important issue to investigate.   Most cracks are due to foundation problems.  Cracks can allow moisture to enter your home and this moisture could possibly lead to mold.  Mold is very noticeable by its musty, wet smell.  Mold can be dangerous, it releases spores into the air and can affect the quality of air that you and your family breathe.  The final warning sign is sticking doors and windows.   Door and windows that stick, do so due to misaligned frames.  The frames get misaligned because of the foundation.  If you know the warning signs, then it is easy to catch them and understand them before you buy your home.

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